Becoming Love

Enchanted Blessings!

It is late on Inauguration Day, and the holiday commemorating the greatness of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Tears streamed down my cheeks as I listened, heart full and open, to President Obama’s passionate, powerful and poignant speech.  It is, regardless of appearances, a glorious time to be an American and to be alive!

Dr. King once said, “Our goal is to create a beloved community, and this will require a qualitative change in our souls, as well as a quantitative change in our lives.”  Though these words were spoken half a century ago, they couldn’t be more applicable to our lives today.  We are – step by step – learning what it means to embody higher truths and the ideals that pierce and awaken our heart of hearts.  We are growing!  We, as individuals, are growing, our country is growing, and our world is growing!

The ending of the Mayan calendar on December 21 marked the day when, through our collective evolution and omnipresent Divine support, we took our first bold step beyond the world of fear and pain, of materialism and greed.  A door has been opened wide for us to walk in these new and sacred ways, and the chains of old hold less weight.  The qualitative shift in our souls has strengthened and will be continuing to strengthen. We are learning how to become Love, to reflect Light, to embody Grace.  Our hearts are changing, and magnificently so!

Though we have collectively shifted, and all life is growing, and Love permeates the air, our human bodies and our physical world, must adjust to the changes at a pace that responds to the needs of physicality.  All light and love and healing and growth must filter through the beauty and confines of form.

Physical life must, and will, adjust in order to become Love.  It is already happening.  We are doing very well, overall, and it is also a process.  We can’t expect it to happen overnight.  So, it is important to remember to be tender with ourselves and with others; compassionate to our learning curves and growing pains, and lending a loving hand when we can.

It is natural to feel unsettled at times, when we change in such dramatic ways.  We may want to go back to the old fear-based patterns that have worked for us before.  We may sometimes feel anxious or afraid, as where we are going is not yet clear or fully formed.  In working our way through these challenges, I find it helps to remember the “big picture” – that we are learning to become Love.

We get there more quickly and with less pain if we do our best NOT to slip back into the old fear and pain and unhealthy ways of being, regardless of how familiar and comfortable they may feel.  Instead, seek the love that is present.  We are immersed in it!  It is everywhere!  So, if we turn our attention away from our old thought patterns and towards love and the pervasive beauty and magic of it, we can integrate with it more quickly, and our lives will change wonderfully in response.

It requires trust, of course, and faith.  Gifts that are often hard to fully embrace, especially when we feel afraid.  How I work with it is to “keep getting back on the horse.”  If I get off track and start to worry, I catch myself as soon as I can, get back on the horse, and stay on it for as long as I can.  Each time it makes me stronger, and before long, I’m going for a good long ride.

We are creating a Beloved Community with each breath we breathe, each step we take.  How blessed are we to be a part of its design and to be a beloved member!

May Love and Grace wash over you and hold you close, in this time and in all times!

Private sessions are available by  phone and in person.  To set an appointment, contact me at  If you have found this blog of blessing, please consider contributing to the furthering of this work or to my Scholarship Fund through the Donation button in the right hand column.  Thank you.

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EMBRACING THE LIGHT – Making The Most Of This Sacred Time

Though we may sometimes forget this in the countless demands of the Holiday Season, this time of year is also a time of great Sacred power – an opportunity to actively and beautifully transform one’s life. With the “Coming of the Light” that is physically marked by the Winter Solstice and symbolically marked by the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, we enter a time of great spiritual and personal significance. We have a poignant opportunity to reshape our lives; to take stock, release what no longer serves, look at life anew, sharpen our focus, step into a new way of being and welcome the magic of change.

In order to support us in making the most of this powerful time, the Heavenly Ones shower Light and Love even more intensively upon us during the Holiday Season. It has already begun. The Divine Ones gift us with the blessing of periodic increased influxes of Light and Love – usually around the seasonal changes and their corresponding Holy Days – to help us evolve more rapidly for our individual and collective benefit. Christmas is one of the most powerful times in that respect, and the influx begins usually a little before Thanksgiving, and increases as we near Christmas and New Year – staying with us through the first week of January.

We can make the most of this profound blessing by working with it in partnership. The first step is to recognize the transformative opportunity and embrace it. When we open to the increased Divine support of this time, it helps us to look more deeply at our lives and assess what is working well; what feels true and vital; what needs adjusting, healing or release; and what directions feel most resonant for the future. The Holy Ones will help us to honestly and courageously come up with an effective “game plan.” They will also support our gentle healing and our abilities to make the necessary changes. The clearer and more concretely we express our dreams for the future, the more easily they can manifest.

It is best if we don’t try to understand it all or control it mentally. We want to use our intelligence, but let our Hearts lead – to let our minds be an instrument of the Heart, and thus of Divinity.

The key to working in partnership with the Power of this time is to feed and support your wondrous Heart and to be spiritually open. Feeding your Heart helps you be more receptive to all that the Blessed Ones wish to shower upon you. Some ways to nourish your Heart are to seek beauty, practice letting your Heart speak to you and lead you, and regularly surrender your growth and life to Love. Your extraordinary Heart and the vast, limitless thrust of increased Divine Support will get you exactly where you need to be, in alignment with your highest good.

There is Magic in the air in these Sacred times – now more than ever – and Divine Love and Grace abound! It is yours! Embrace it.


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FEEDING THE FAMILY HEART – Nurturing What Is Of Greatest Value

The Holiday Season is nearly upon us, completing a year of seemingly perpetual – and sometimes scathing – growth.  The thrust for positive transformation will be even greater in these next few months, as will be the deeper levels of purification catalyzing it.   It is a Blessed gift, and as we grow, it helps to remind ourselves that we are eternally held in Love and Grace!

Those whom we hold most dear – whether they are our spouses and children, lovers, biological families, soul families, close friends, etc. – teach us about who we truly are, and gift us with beautiful, ever-deepening and multi-layered opportunities to strengthen our Hearts and increase our capacities for love and intimacy. They help us learn to better give and receive love, and how to be more compassionate, communicative, understanding and patient. They, thus, help us to go deeper into ourselves, and align with what is most true and important!   Love is our greatest gift and greatest teacher!

Just as we each have individual Hearts that strengthen with loving, focused attention, our relationships also have Hearts that deepen and expand with dedicated care.   The more Love and Heart we put into our relationships, the more they will flourish, and so will we.

It is easy, especially with our biological families and long-term relationships, to see each other, and be seen by them, partially inaccurately.  Our wounds often skew how we perceive them, and perceive ourselves in relationship with them, and their views of us are generally skewed by this, as well.  We tend to keep each other (and ourselves, too) in boxes in which we do not fit.   Yet, paradoxically, they may also know us better than anyone else.

I find, both for myself, and for the wonderful people whom I support with healing, teaching or ministry, that moving beyond these misperceptions in relationship dramatically transforms them for the better!  To break free of the boxes that we have been placed in, we must be willing to offer the same courtesy to those whom we love.   It starts with giving yourself permission to see your own beauty; to seek it in your loved ones; to forgive yourself and others for transgressions; to let go of hurt, pride and anger; to allow for things to grow and be different; to give your Heart to them; to feel how much you love them; to surrender control; and to keep turning concerns or fears over to the Love itself.  The Heart of your relationship, and the Love between you itself, will lift you up, and help you both get where you are going – through the Power of Love – into deeper, more real and honest connection.

In this wondrous Holiday Season, I encourage you to join me in actively cherishing your families and loved ones and nourishing your family Heart!

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Cultivating Depth Of Love – Post 2 – Seeking Beauty


So grateful that you’ve “tuned in!”  We are continuing with our work around “Cultivating Depth Of Love” – to support us in drawing to us a soulmate, nurturing soulmate relationships and enhancing the quality of all relationships.  (Other powerful support options around soulmate issues that may be beneficial for you are my Mentoring Program:  “Soulmates & Sacredness In Love,” workshops, and transformational healing sessions all available by phone or in person.)

As we’ve discussed in previous postings, the key to not only loving more deeply but to happiness, wellbeing and success in all areas is a strong, healthy, active relationship with our Hearts!  If I were to say to you, “Tune in to your Heart,” would you know how to do that?  I find most people do not, at first, or they are not sure if they can trust that the messages they receive are not from their ego or intellect alone.  What I also find, is that most people have a stronger connection with their Hearts than they realize, even if they have learned to ignore its dedicated and loving communication.

In order to strengthen our Hearts, and our relationships with our Hearts, we need to start developing more concrete tools for connecting with it.  Part of that growing process is to nurture a more visceral sense of it – so that when we “tune in,” we know what it feels like.  This will help us to become increasingly confident in our “communications” with it, and thus in our abilities to interpret what is most true for us.

A couple of tools that we can use to become more aware of the way our Hearts feel and communicate with us are to connect with a sense of Awe and to seek or open up to Beauty.   All of us have experienced both many times throughout our lives.

Lets start with exploring a sense of Awe.  Whether we realize it or not in asking ourselves that question, we have at different points in our lives felt “awestruck.”  We have felt an awareness – to whatever degree – of something that lifts us out of the norm.  Something transcendent and sacred.

Think about what it feels like to hold a newborn baby in your arms; to really take in a gorgeous sunset; to marvel at a magnificent work of art; to watch baby animals being born; to make love in a deep and intimate way; to feel the presence of Divinity so strongly you are speechless; to create from a deep and powerful part of you; to lose yourself in great music . . .  If any of these illustrations have resonated for you, you have felt Awe.  You have felt your Heart, and your connectedness with the Divine through it!

Seeking Beauty in day to day life is another powerful tool we may use, both to help us center ourselves and realign with who we truly are, and as well, to strengthen in our Hearts.  We can do this simply by looking for the beauty within and around us at all times.  We often tend to focus on the negative which clouds our perspective and blocks our abilities to experience the Beauty, which is also there.

Looking for Beauty even in difficult circumstances strongly exercises our “Heart muscles,” and creates more openness for the flow of positivity in our lives.  When we are tuned in to Beauty, we are more in touch with what is really True about ourselves and about life!  Following are a couple of tools for both drawing a soulmate to you, and also supporting the sacredness of existing relationships.

***To draw a soulmate to you:  Let yourself open up to the love inside you that you want to give to this person, and to the way he or she feels inside you and in your dreams, and let yourself imagine the most beautiful day with them that you can envision.  Let it run for as long as you wish in your mind and be bold and creative!  If you want to write it down or paint it, go for it.  Let everything be as beautiful as you can possibly make it.  Don’t worry about logic or “reality.”  Let it flow

***To support and deepen existing relationships:  If you wish, do the exercise above with your beloved in mind.  As well, you can tune in to the love you feel for your beloved and write down or express in some way things that are most beautiful about them. What do you love most?  What is cute?  What traits inspire you? How do they help you grow?  Go deep and let your Heart and the great Love you feel for them have a voice!

Be in touch soon!  Till then, may Beauty and Awe envelop you and light your way!

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Cultivating Depth Of Love – Post 1 – Growing In Heart

Blessings to you and yours on this glorious sunny summer day!  I hope this posting finds you well and flourishing abundantly!

I am beginning today, 7/9/12, more regular entries on this blog with the emphasis of supporting all of us – myself included – in deepening our capacities for Love and Heart.  With each post, I will also add a tool for both those who are seeking their Soulmates, and those who are in loving relationship.  (I will sometimes capitalize words that hold deep sacred meaning for me, or to express the higher aspects of what I am conveying – even when it is unnecessary to do so.)

For more comprehensive support around soulmate issues, you may also wish to utilize my private mentoring program called, “Soulmates & Sacredness In Love,” private healing sessions in person or by phone, or Intensive Study.  Please also “stay tuned” for additional support resources soon to be available.

So, let’s talk in greater depth about two of my favorite subjects – Love and Heart!  In this complicated and purifying time in history, our “heart muscles” are working very hard!  It may be difficult to realize this if we look at it more externally.  There is much challenging us – personally and collectively.  Yet, we are all, at many levels, and more than fully than we are aware, being forced to go deeper; to feel more; to clean up what confines and distorts us; to surrender control; to change; to grow and to expand.

This is the work of our Hearts as a vehicle for our higher good and in response to our Souls and to Divinity!  This is, also, what will bring us into greater personal truth, wellbeing, success, fulfillment and joy!

Like our physical hearts, I look at our emotional, mental and spiritual Hearts as a “muscle,” as well.  With loving, focused attention, it too, will strengthen, develop and get healthier.  Yet, unlike our physical hearts, with our emotional, mental and spiritual Hearts, They will also deepen, expand, transform, flower and fruit!  There is no “ceiling” in terms of Their beauty and radiance!  There is no limit to Their power!  We can ALWAYS grow in Love and Heart, no matter how adept we may be, and the more we grow in Them, the more wonderful and dynamic our lives will be!

Whether we are drawing to us a soulmate and beloved one, have an existing relationship we want to support, or simply want to love more deeply in all ways and create our lives accordingly, the first and most important step is to pay attention to our Hearts!

We’ve learned to ignore Them, devalue Them, run from Them and even belittle Them.  Yet, They are the keys to our happiness!  So the first step is to make a concrete effort to move away from that old, and debilitating, pattern!

To do this, we must first recognize that we have a relationship with our Hearts, and second, we must nurture that relationship!  Just like with any relationship, if we recognize its value and begin to put more loving energy into it, it blossoms.

Here are some ideas that may be helpful:

***If you are seeking a Soulmate:  nurture and embrace your Heart in general; set aside time to tune in to the way the image of your soulmate feels to you inside; and write down or physically express in some way (painting, collage, sculpture, music, dance, etc.) how it feels to you.  If you get words or pictures in your heart and mind, trust them and express what you get.

***If you are wanting to support your current relationship(s), do any of the above mentioned things that resonate.  It also helps to remember that our relationships have a “Heart,” too, and that giving the relationship Heart loving, healthy attention allows them to blossom.  Your love will keep deepening if its Heart is nurtured.

Let’s value our precious and phenomenal Hearts and let Them lead our way!  If supported, They will always teach us how to love more deeply and to more fully become all we are meant to be.

Until next time, in Love and Heart!

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Love Within And Around

A new year – a new time – has begun as we enter the graces of 2012. Whether it seems non-existant in the news or political propaganda or the challenges of day-to-day life in this period of profound growth for all, we have moved into a more solid embodiment of Love.

Some of us may be feeling extra sensitive, purifying and clearing at deep levels, and even going through very challenging things.  Yet the Love of the Divine realms is more solidly within us, and growing!  More so than we, as human beings, have ever experienced, and this is only the beginning.

As we grow in our our hearts; as we work through our challenges; as we relax into it; as we pray and open; as we surrender into Love, Joy, Beauty and Peace, the more fully this powerful Divine Love within will integrate.  Our minds often choose to obsess about what is familiar – no matter how unpleasant it may be, to seek to control and push away the good . . . odd as that may sound.  It is, in general, how we have learned to protect ourselves and navigate through life. It has been basically the human condition . . . up to this point.

The relentless intrusion of cataclysmic doomsday predictions about this year, as well as our tendencies to obsess about them, are part of this human propensity to reject and run from the good.  They are fear-based, not aligned with Truth and Light, not aligned with Love.  They only harm us if we embrace them, and congest our flow in moving more fully into Love.

We are all growing as we learn to align more purely with Divine Love, and tough things may happen to help us get there.  Yet all is held in grace!  What has been before has no bearing on what is now, and what is to come as we learn to “become” love.

The best thing we can do to support ourselves, our loved ones, our environment and the gentle, healthy, happy evolution into Love of all of Life, is to actively work to let go of our fears and need to control with the mind, and turn our sights to the Love and Beauty that is within us and all around!  We need to let ourselves open to receive the Good, to grow through the power of this Love – perhaps even feeling like a young child at times, fumbling and finding our way in this new world that is being born within and around us.

This glorious time of greater oneness with Divine Love and Light is birthing THROUGH US, through all of life itself, all peoples, creatures, locations and environments.  Its luminous and powerful seeds are now solidly implanted within us and rapidly growing! How glorious, how wondrous, how exciting!! Our job is to be brave and committed enough to let go of the old that is suffocating and crippling us.  It is definitely not serving us, especially now.

When our fears and limited mental processes are released, or brought into healthy balance, these omnipotent seeds of Love will be freer to fully embody us and transform our lives, and the world, into resonance with it.  We just need to get out of our own ways!!

My commitment as I enter this new time dancing with Joy, Gratitude and Anticipation, is to love myself, my dear ones, our environment and all of life with every beat of my heart, and to boldly learn to release all that is not in alignment with love from my consciousness and behaviors.  I welcome you to join me in this commitment, and will hold you in my heart as partner in this!  If you wish to let me know of your pledge by name, you may do so through specifying in a comment or a contribution with your information through my donation button in the right side bar.Love is what will change and ennoble our world, and we are the facilitators for this, the channels through which it lives, activates and blesses!  Be my partner in this, and lets see how quickly this world can transform!!

Love be with you!

You may wish to consider contributing to my ministry to further this work, or to my Scholarship Fund in support of other’s growth into Love and Heart.  If so, please use the donation button in the right side bar.  You may also add your contact information if you wish to be added to my mailing list.  Your contribution is greatly needed and appreciated!  THANK YOU!!

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Embrace The Grace

During the Holiday Season we are afforded a special opportunity to grow in Heart and transform our lives more quickly, easily and dynamically.

We are often so focused on the heightened physical demands that we lose sight of this beautiful truth.  This time of year, I like to remind myself, and remind those whom I love, that this is an extraordinary  time – one that may be utilized to create positive forward movement for ourselves, and for others.

The Blessed Ones shower forth increased levels of Love and Light periodically throughout the year to support our individual and collective evolution – to make it easier for us to grow past our pain and limitations more rapidly.  This occurs as a blessing to us whether we open to it or not.  However, we can make more significant positive change for ourselves and for our loved ones by welcoming the Grace and bringing consciousness to it.

The Holy Ones walk with us more closely at Christmas time, cradling and supporting us more fully, and continually emanating Grace to bless us.  It is one of the most powerful times of increased Divine Support that we receive each year, and we would be wise to embrace this gift and make the most of it!

This increased radiance begins to occur a little before Thanksgiving and continues through the first week or two of January.  It’s gift is most strong around the Winter Solstice and through the New Year.  The Holy Ones are always radiating Grace to support us; however, in these heightened times, we are especially blessed.  It is a gift of Divine Love to help us be healthier and happier.

Positive transformation occurs in response to Grace.  If we set aside our limiting thoughts, our fears or guilt or pain or anger, our monkey mind, our need to control, etc. Grace can enter us more deeply.  It can thereby bring us more deeply into touch with Truth – Divine Truth and our personal Truth.  From this state, our souls can more easily create what we need for our joy, fulfillment and wellbeing.

There is Magic in the air, and the magic is not limited to our time with family or the opportunity to give loving gifts.  The magic is also expressed through Grace as an opportunity to heal, ennoble and empower.

Following is one way to work with the gift of this heightened Grace actively:  Take a few moments to tune into your Heart.  Identify what you may be wishing to manifest for yourself or your loved ones so it may become clearer in your heart and mind.  Then do your best, in between all the activity, the shopping, the chores . . . to center yourself.  Tune in and open up to welcome in the Grace more deeply; to let yourself feel it.  If you have time, think about the dreams you have identified, say it out loud if you wish, and do this as frequently as you can.

It doesn’t have to take long.  The key is to regularly “Embrace the Grace” – shift your consciousness to the deeper Beauty and Truth of this time, and away from our mundane emphasis, even if it is for brief, periodic moments.  You are still creating openings, and the Divine Presence can be with you more closely.  Your soul, and the Blessed Ones, know how to do the rest.

In doing so, you are bring more consciousness, focus and active participation to transforming your life and making the most of the extra Divine support at this time.  The increased emanations of Divine Love, Light and Grace are with us, and will bless us to the degree we allow it and are ready to grow.  Consciously opening to them allows them to enter us more deeply and bless us more fully, due simply to the fact that we are less closed.

Grace, Love, Light and Peace be with you in this sacred Holiday Season.

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Creating Greater Sacredness In Love – Seeking Beauty

Hello Beautiful Beings,

I write this blog on the evening of the Summer Solstice.  The warmth and light of Spring and Summer breathe new life into our hearts!  It is a perfect time to grow in love!!  So many of us choose to marry in these warmer months, and I dedicate my blog postings over these next three months primarily to the discussion of creating greater sacredness in love and how to strengthen, deepen, nurture and sustain soulmate relationships.

As I joyfully find myself growing and changing so much of late, I find, too, that many of my relationships are changing.  Some deepening, uplifting and expanding, some dissolving, some on hold and new ones birthing.  It is – almost simultaneously – beautiful, exciting, complex, painful, startling, instructive and empowering.

It is the stuff of life – a by-product of self-discovery and a commitment to Truth.  It is all helping me to be more fully expressive of who I am meant to be, and I am deeply grateful, even through the periodic tears.

As we grow, the vibration that our soul expresses changes with the increased strength.  Sometimes, those who resonate with our vibration change, too.  As long as we are true to our Selves and to our spiritual beliefs and loving values, we can trust that if a relationship ends, or takes a temporary hiatus, it is what is truly right for both concerned. Releasing it compassionately, not taking it personally and steadfastly loving ourselves will help us grow through it in a healthy way.

With losses of this sort, it is important to stay in touch with our beauty – learn whatever it is to teach, but don’t loose sight of what is true.  Your essence, the love within you, is beautiful, and filled with light!   YOU are beautiful and filled with love and light!!  We’ll explore this subject in greater detail a little later in the summer.

I bring it up now, though, because a lot of relationships are changing at this time.  It is part of the intensive refinement of our beings that we are collectively experiencing.  Though it may not feel like it, it is a good thing, in the long run, especially if we rise to the occasion, and embrace the growth it stimulates with love and self-appreciation.

We increase our capacities for greater sacredness in love first and foremost by loving ourselves – even through the hard things. Challenges of these sorts are giving us great opportunities to exercise that “all important” muscle.  Loving ourselves and remaining in touch with our personal truth through loss and rejection is not easy, but is profoundly empowering!

Love is a precious, limitless, omnipresent and indefinable gift!  It is everything, and everywhere.  We are blessed by the many opportunities to love we have in our lives; yet, often we loose sight of that very real and gorgeous Truth.

One thing that helps me to actively stay in touch with this awareness is to seek Beauty.  I look for it, and let myself take it in as wholeheartedly as I can – the Beauty in nature, in city life, in public situations, in interactions with others and most especially, in myself and in the people whom I love.  When I can see, embrace and breath in the beauty that is ALWAYS permeating life, I can more easily stay in touch with Truth, with what is most important – and that is Love.

I believe that my greatest responsibility as a human being is to grow ever more true, proficient and deep in my loving.  I want to always evolve purely in my experience, service, facilitation and expression of Love.  Recognizing and welcoming the beauty present, even in painful situations, helps my heart grow, enables me to stay on track with what is most important, creates a more open channel for abundant flow and supports me in honoring my commitment to always grow in the greatness and sacredness of my loving.

During my treasured meditative walk at the beach this evening, I welcomed in the grace of the Summer Solstice, and gave thanks for the beauty of this time.   As I completed my prayers, and looked gratefully and lovingly across the endless expanse of deep blue green, I was given a great and glorious gift.  Many pods of dolphins danced before me in the sparkling sea, raising their sleek and skillful bodies fully out of the water, at times, as they dove to feast upon the plentiful schools of fish.  Humbled and speechless, I absorbed their radiance, and welcomed their teachings.

The dolphins are one of my most precious totem animals.  Their grace, their shine, their heart, their magnificence, their wisdom, their soulfulness . . . washes over me, feeds me, strengthens me, inspires me.  They come to me to mark turning points in my life. They signify the completion of an important phase and the beginning of an even greater time.

Dolphins teach us of the breath of life, its essence.  They epitomize beauty and teach us of its truth.  In our efforts to learn of beauty, I find that it helps to embrace the spirit of dolphin.

Thank you for sharing in love with me in this way.  May you walk in Beauty with all things!



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Staying Present In Love

Blessings of love and joy to you!

Please forgive the length of time since my last post.  Easter is truly a magical and powerful period for me, as I’ve mentioned, and I needed time to absorb and integrate its many gifts.  I hope that this message finds you well, and integrating the magic of this time joyfully!

I want to begin with this blog to again work more specifically on nurturing our capacities for greater sacredness and fulfillment in loving.  We often get in our own ways in this respect by responding more strongly to the promptings of our egos and busy minds rather than we do to our hearts.  If we want to have more opportunities to express our loving, we need to keep developing and giving voice to the Heart, and that is an ever-evolving, multi-faceted process.

True love, and our capacities for love in general, are imprinted within our souls.  As we’ve discussed, if our relationships with our hearts are strong, our souls have a clearer, more vital pathway to create and express this powerful love.

The soulmates that are part of our soul family come to us  as we strengthen in our hearts and open to express the true beauty of our souls.  Their souls vibrate with a similar resonance to ours, and so the magnetic pull between soulmates draws us to one another.  We are each fed by sharing that resonance with one another.

One of the strongest ways we can support the growth of our hearts (not surprisingly) is by loving, whether it is with a soulmated lover, or with friends or family.  Loving teaches us to be more wholly and truthfully who we are.  Love comes to us in all shapes and forms, and it is up to us to open to it and nurture it.

One of our most human frailties is to be insensitive to the gifts of love that are present in our lives every day.  We often stay so singularly focused on ourselves, on our needs, on our busy activities and monkey-minds, and that confines, or separates us from, the communications of our hearts.

We’ve learned to (usually unnecessarily) protect ourselves – to be guarded, closed off, self-indulgent.  We’ve learned to pay more attention to our wounded senses of self – to our fears and past pain – than to the beauty of love present in life every moment.

It is a pervasive, and very human trait, yes, but which does not serve us.  In fact, it only harms us in the long run because it blocks the flow of our souls beauty, of that which will bring us joy and wellbeing.  Because we don’t known better, we believe that we desparately need it.  We often hold on to it so tightly that we don’t even experience the beautiful opportunities to love and to grow in love that are slipping away.

Staying “present” in life and love gives our hearts voice, and let’s our soul’s better do their magical thing!  Still, being “present” is a muscle that needs to be developed, too, because of the force of the above mentioned “human frailty.”

We can exercise our capacities for remaining fully present by seeking beauty and noting the opportunities for experiencing love and joy in our daily lives.  We develop presence with consciousness and commitment.

I have found through my work in support of soulmated love that one of the things that gets in our way the most rush to control things with our minds.  We test people, we look for faults, we assume it must look a certain way, we ignore it when it comes.  If it is meant to be a friendship, rather than a lover relationship, we don’t value it.

There is beauty, love and purpose in all aspects of life!!  Sometimes, if we simply shift our perspective slightly (away from being irritated or picking at ourselves, etc.), we can more easily see it.   When we calm our busy-minds and tune in, through staying present, we not only grow in our hearts so we can create more joy for ourselves, but we are freer to reap the rewards of life’s many exquisite and magical gifts!!  Like the songwriters say, love truly is “all around.”  We just have to learn how to pay attention to it, value its many shapes and colors and embrace it

As we navigate through the day today, let’s try to count how many opportunities we have for experiencing and expressing love and beauty!!


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Wishing you Love, Magic and Grace,
Reverend Michele DeMoulin
Interfaith Minister, Reiki Master Teacher
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Embracing Easter’s Grace – Post 4 And Honoring The Earthly Mother

Blessings to you in this Holy time!

It is late in the day on Good Friday as I write this post, a Christian Holy Day, commemorating the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the beginning of the process of Resurrection. It is also April 22, Earth Day, a day set aside to bring consciousness to our relationship with the Earth.  This entry will touch lightly on both subjects.

If we are Christian, or inter-faith in our beliefs, as I am, (or simply wanting to open and expand in our souls) one of the ways that we can honor the extraordinary sacrifice that the Lord Jesus Christ offered on behalf of the world is to look at the symbolism of the Crucifixion and Resurrection, and adopt what it has to offer us to further the development of our own souls.

One symbolic interpretation that I often work with for myself is that of surrendering the old “structures” – out of love and truth – so that I may be reborn into greater radiance.   I work consciously with the idea of “Resurrection” in order to evolve and expand more rapidly.  In more practical terms, I commit to myself that I am open to becoming more fully who I am; and thus, willing to allow the old, more limited, part of me to die and be made new.  I open to being “new,” to being different than I was, to changing, and I let the “old” fall away.

The markedly increased flow of Love and Light that is made available for us by the Divine Presence during Spring and Easter time (as we’ve been discussing these past 4 posts) is especially strong from Good Friday through Easter.  If there are things that you wish to change, amplify, manifest or transform in your life right now, I encourage you to embrace this increased flow, and work with the power of “Resurrection” in the ways I mentioned.  (You can also review the past 4 posts for more ideas about how to do so.)  It starts with tuning in, looking at where we might want to improve, surrendering it for the higher good and embracing the growth.  Be bold, be courageous, be enthusiastic, be welcoming. You will be so glad you made this choice!  It is well worth any challenge that arises.  May your Easter be Blessed and Beautiful!!

The second portion of this post is offered in honor of Earth Day, and of our Beloved Mother Earth.  The Essene culture of ancient times recognized that all aspects of wellbeing were based upon being in conscious and active harmony with the forces, or powers, of both the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother, equally.

The Essene Brethren would begin their days, by laying prostrate upon the Earth and kissing her 7 times to honor the 7 Earthly Angels or Powers that she offers us – the Angel of Earth, the Angel of Life, the Angel of Joy, The Angel of the Sun, The Angel of Water, The Angel of Air and the Angel of the Earthly Mother herself.  Each Angel would be honored, opened to and communed on a corresponding day of the week.

The Essenes believe that the Love of the Earthly Mother continually flows to us for our nurture, sustenance, protection and support.  The would walk upon the Earth with consciousness and heart, and welcome in the “sap” of the Beloved Earthly Mother’s Love and Wisdom through the bottoms of their feet.  To me, these teachings seem similar to the Native American teaching that says to “Walk in beauty with all things.”

From my own experience, I know that when we direct our attentions, and heighten our sensitivity to it, we can draw in the Love of our Beloved Earthy Mother through any part of our body. Lay upon the sand, or in a meadow, or even the bottom floor of your home, and welcome her love into you.  Feel her strengthening and fortifying your being, and send your love back to her.

Following is an excerpt from the Essene Gospel of Peace, Book Three that helps us to deepen in our understanding and communion with our Beloved Earthly Mother.  I hope it is of blessing to you.

The Earthly Mother

“Honor thy Earthly Mother, that thy days may be long upon the land.”

“The Earthly Mother is in thee, and thou in her.  She bore the, she gaveth thee life.  It was she who gaveth thee thy body, and to her shalt thou one day give it back again.  Happy aret thou when you comest to know her, and her kingdom.

If thou receivest thy Mother’s Angels, and if thou doest her laws, who doeth these things shall never see disease.  For the power of the Mother is above all.  She hath rule over all the bodies of men and all living things.

The blood which runs in us is born of the blood of our Earthly Mother.  Her blood falls from the clouds, leaps up from the womb of the earth, babbles in the brooks of the mountains, flows wide in the rivers of the plains, sleeps in the lakes, rages mightely in the tempestuous seas.

The air which we breathe is born of the breath of our Earthly Mother.  Her breath is azure in the heights of the heavens, soughs in the tops of the mountains, whispers in the leaves of the forest, billows over the cornfields, slumbers in the deep valleys, burns hot in the desert.

The hardness of our bones is born of the bones of our Earthly.  Of the rocks and of the stones.  They stand naked to the heavens on the tops of the mountains.  They are as giants who lay sleeping on the sides of the mountains, as idols set in the desert, and are hidden in the darkness of the earth.

The tenderness of our flesh is born of the flesh of our Earthly Mother whose flesh waxes yellow and red in the fruits of the trees, and nurtures us in the furrows of the fields.

The light of our eyes, the hearing of our ears, both are born of the colors and sounds of our Earthly Mother which enclose us about, as the waves of the sea, a fish, as the eddying air, a bird.

Man is the Son of the Earthly Mother, and from her did the Son of Man receive his whole body, even as the body of the newborn babe is born of the womb of his mother.

Thou art one with the Earthly Mother.  She is in thee, and thou in her.  Of her weret thou born, in her dost though live, and to her shalt thou return again.

Keep, therefore, her laws, for none can live long, nor be happy but who honors his Earthly Mother.  And doeth her laws, for thy breath is her breath, thy blood her blood, thy bone her bone, thy flesh her flesh, thy eyes and thy ears are her eyes and her ears.

Our Earthly Mother!  Always are we embraced by her, always are we surrounded by her beauty.  Never can we part from her, never can we know her depths.  Ever doth she create new forms:

That which now existeth never was before.  That which did exist returneth not again.  In her kingdom, all is ever new and always old.  In her midst do we live, yet we know her not.  Continually doth she speak to us.  Yet never doth betray to us her secrets.  Ever do we till her soil and harvest her crops.  Yet we have no power over her.  Ever doth she build, ever doth she destroy, and her workplace is hidden from the eyes of men.”

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