Becoming Love

Enchanted Blessings!

It is late on Inauguration Day, and the holiday commemorating the greatness of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Tears streamed down my cheeks as I listened, heart full and open, to President Obama’s passionate, powerful and poignant speech.  It is, regardless of appearances, a glorious time to be an American and to be alive!

Dr. King once said, “Our goal is to create a beloved community, and this will require a qualitative change in our souls, as well as a quantitative change in our lives.”  Though these words were spoken half a century ago, they couldn’t be more applicable to our lives today.  We are – step by step – learning what it means to embody higher truths and the ideals that pierce and awaken our heart of hearts.  We are growing!  We, as individuals, are growing, our country is growing, and our world is growing!

The ending of the Mayan calendar on December 21 marked the day when, through our collective evolution and omnipresent Divine support, we took our first bold step beyond the world of fear and pain, of materialism and greed.  A door has been opened wide for us to walk in these new and sacred ways, and the chains of old hold less weight.  The qualitative shift in our souls has strengthened and will be continuing to strengthen. We are learning how to become Love, to reflect Light, to embody Grace.  Our hearts are changing, and magnificently so!

Though we have collectively shifted, and all life is growing, and Love permeates the air, our human bodies and our physical world, must adjust to the changes at a pace that responds to the needs of physicality.  All light and love and healing and growth must filter through the beauty and confines of form.

Physical life must, and will, adjust in order to become Love.  It is already happening.  We are doing very well, overall, and it is also a process.  We can’t expect it to happen overnight.  So, it is important to remember to be tender with ourselves and with others; compassionate to our learning curves and growing pains, and lending a loving hand when we can.

It is natural to feel unsettled at times, when we change in such dramatic ways.  We may want to go back to the old fear-based patterns that have worked for us before.  We may sometimes feel anxious or afraid, as where we are going is not yet clear or fully formed.  In working our way through these challenges, I find it helps to remember the “big picture” – that we are learning to become Love.

We get there more quickly and with less pain if we do our best NOT to slip back into the old fear and pain and unhealthy ways of being, regardless of how familiar and comfortable they may feel.  Instead, seek the love that is present.  We are immersed in it!  It is everywhere!  So, if we turn our attention away from our old thought patterns and towards love and the pervasive beauty and magic of it, we can integrate with it more quickly, and our lives will change wonderfully in response.

It requires trust, of course, and faith.  Gifts that are often hard to fully embrace, especially when we feel afraid.  How I work with it is to “keep getting back on the horse.”  If I get off track and start to worry, I catch myself as soon as I can, get back on the horse, and stay on it for as long as I can.  Each time it makes me stronger, and before long, I’m going for a good long ride.

We are creating a Beloved Community with each breath we breathe, each step we take.  How blessed are we to be a part of its design and to be a beloved member!

May Love and Grace wash over you and hold you close, in this time and in all times!

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