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I approach teaching as a precious, sacred exchange, an opportunity to celebrate connection and to inspire wisdom, truth and multi-layered growth.  With the presence of Unconditional Love informing our work, both teacher and student expand more fully in Heart.

I currently have two primary educational programs that I am very honored to facilitate.  One called “Soul Deep Love” for supporting soulmates and sacredness in love at all stages of the relationship journey.   And a second program called “Healing With Love,” which deepens spirituality and teaches how to work with the healing power of love and heart.

We would love to have you join us for these exciting upcoming workshops! Following is a little information about both programs and the Fall workshops that are coming up:

“SOUL DEEP LOVE – The Teleconference Call Series”

A 4-workshop teleconference call version of “Soul Deep Love”

Tuesdays, November 2, 9, 16 & 23  6:30 to 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time

Following is the curriculum for this tele-course and information about the “Soul Deep Love Program:”

“Soul Deep Love – The Teleconference Call Series”  –   Curriculum

Week INovember 2 Opening To Deeper And Higher Love

Week IINovember 9 Healing Relationship Wounds

Week III November 16 Supporting The Heart Of Relationship

Week IV – November 23 Creating Your Dreams Of Love

“Soul Deep Love”

By Reverend Michele DeMoulin, RMT

This lush, multi-faceted and potent program broadens, strengthens, and enriches the Heart, allowing it to create increased sacredness in love and life.  It is a powerful vehicle for drawing to one a soulmate; for nurturing and supporting existing relationships; and for fostering increased overall well being, personal empowerment and spiritual expansion.

The “Soul Deep Love Program” – in all its many forms – is a rich, dynamic opportunity to heal and clear away relationship patterns that have not worked, to strengthen understanding of the deeper dreams of your heart and of your own capacity for love, and to create significant and progressive movement towards the manifestation of your dreams.

This program is highly effective for people at all stages of the relationship journey – whether you are looking to find a soulmate, want to deepen the quality of existing relationships of all kinds, or are participating as a couple.  It feeds your heart, and give you substantial tools for reshaping your life and your relationship in a deeper, more true and fulfilling way.

“Soul Deep Love” may be experience through the following formats:

Workshops (I and II)

Teleconference Call Workshop Series (4 Workshops)

Intensive Healing Program

Inspirational Talk

Teleconference Call Support Group

“Healing With Love Program”

By Reverend Michele DeMoulin, RMT

“Healing With Love I & II”       October 24 & 31, November 14 & 21, December 5 & 12, 2010

A powerful 6 workshop series, combining beginning and advanced teachings.  Following is more information and the curriculum:


A Synthesis Of The Beginning And Advanced Programs

 By Reverend Michele DeMoulin, RMT


I would be thrilled and honored to have you with us for our exciting, upcoming “Healing With Love I and II” Program. Call me at (831) 457-7788 to register or if you have questions. Here’s more information about the course:

The “Healing With Love” program has been extraordinarily beautiful, empowering, and life-changing for my students, and for me. The Holy Ones work very strongly with us in it, and I think of myself as a teacher, yes, but primarily as a facilitator of the healing, empowerment and transformation They offer through the course.

“Healing With Love I and II” is a synthesis of the beginning and advanced programs. It certifies you in Reiki I, II and III, and it teaches various other forms of channeling, focusing and working with the healing power of Love. It also strengthens you in alignment with Heart, with Path, and with your Soul and Higher Self. I have even found that the Holy Ones sometimes use the course to help people draw to them their soul mates, and to create greater sacredness in existing relationships. Here is a quote from one of my students about her experience with the course.

“Learning this beautiful healing art from Michele was a pure blessing in itself. I knew when I heard her gentle voice that I was being guided in the right direction. All the barriers around my heart melted and reached out to be filled with love and bliss. She is a magical mapmaker, and she also helped me clear the path so that my soulmate could arrive in perfect timing. I was blessed to have her presence every step of the way during this beautiful transforming experience.”                Melissa

We would be honored to have you join us. Following is the curriculum:

Healing With Love I and II”

A 6 Workshop Series

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe – Its very breath, Its pulse!  The Power of Love may be used to bring healing, ennoblement and transformation to all.

In this comprehensive, life-changing course, you will strengthen your capacity for love, and learn ways of using it to bless.  Your natural compassion and healing gifts will find their roots. You will emerge from this course with the tools you need to more dynamically support yourself and others with healing, prayer and guided intuition. If you wish it, you will also have established a solid foundation upon which you may develop your own healing practice.  The course teaches Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki III, Angel Healing, Communication and Healing with other Divine Guides, the Power of Prayer, Channeling, Healing Through Community and more.  Each workshop is designed to offer both instruction and ritualized experience in order to facilitate organic integration.

Healing With Love I and II” offers 6 workshops, incorporating integrative time.  The basic price is $70 per workshop for a course total of $420.  If paid in full at the beginning of the course, it is discounted to $360.  A one-time, additional charge of $10 is requested to cover printing costs for the manuals provided. A discounted rate of $300 ($50 per workshop) plus an agreed-upon trade in services, is also an option. A discounted rate of $270 ($45 per workshop), plus an agreed-upon trade in services, is also offered for students, people in their teens and twenties, single parents and seniors. Workshops may be taken individually, for $80 per workshop. Always feel free to speak openly with me about this, and anything.

Course Curriculum

Workshop I

Reiki I –  Learn the art and science of healing with loving, life force energy through Reiki. Extensive instruction and ritualized experience opens our channels as healers and lays a strong foundation for each level of development to come.

Practice Skills, Experience Deepening Rituals

Workshop II

Angel Healing

Communication and Healing with Other Blessed Ones

Learn to communicate and work with Divine Beings to bring forth healing, empowerment, protection and personal growth for self and others.

Practice Skills, Experience Deepening Rituals

Workshop III

Reiki II –  Increase and fine-tune your skills with and sensitivities to the healing energies of Reiki.  Learn Distance Healing.

Practice Skills, Experience Deepening Rituals

Week IV

Prayer as a Vehicle for Healing and Empowerment

Channeling Love, Healing and Information

Learn to use prayer and channeling to support healing, protection, growth,

And empowerment.

Practice Skills, Experience Deepening Rituals

Week V

Reiki III – In this workshop, we go deeper into the beauty, grace, skill and magic of Reiki. Reiki III emphasizes Enlightenment, and helps us to be more aligned with our personal power, both in our personal evolution, and as healers.

Practice Skills, Experience Deepening Rituals

Week VI

Soul Level Communication

The Soft Voice

Learn to use the power of Love, and of the Heart, to bring healing and communication at a soul level. Learn to develop the “Soft Voice” as a way to heal and bless.

Go into greater depth with areas of interest, cover anything we did not have time to finish before, and anchor what we have learned.

Practice Skills, Experience Deepening Rituals