Creating Greater Sacredness In Love – Seeking Beauty

Hello Beautiful Beings,

I write this blog on the evening of the Summer Solstice.  The warmth and light of Spring and Summer breathe new life into our hearts!  It is a perfect time to grow in love!!  So many of us choose to marry in these warmer months, and I dedicate my blog postings over these next three months primarily to the discussion of creating greater sacredness in love and how to strengthen, deepen, nurture and sustain soulmate relationships.

As I joyfully find myself growing and changing so much of late, I find, too, that many of my relationships are changing.  Some deepening, uplifting and expanding, some dissolving, some on hold and new ones birthing.  It is – almost simultaneously – beautiful, exciting, complex, painful, startling, instructive and empowering.

It is the stuff of life – a by-product of self-discovery and a commitment to Truth.  It is all helping me to be more fully expressive of who I am meant to be, and I am deeply grateful, even through the periodic tears.

As we grow, the vibration that our soul expresses changes with the increased strength.  Sometimes, those who resonate with our vibration change, too.  As long as we are true to our Selves and to our spiritual beliefs and loving values, we can trust that if a relationship ends, or takes a temporary hiatus, it is what is truly right for both concerned. Releasing it compassionately, not taking it personally and steadfastly loving ourselves will help us grow through it in a healthy way.

With losses of this sort, it is important to stay in touch with our beauty – learn whatever it is to teach, but don’t loose sight of what is true.  Your essence, the love within you, is beautiful, and filled with light!   YOU are beautiful and filled with love and light!!  We’ll explore this subject in greater detail a little later in the summer.

I bring it up now, though, because a lot of relationships are changing at this time.  It is part of the intensive refinement of our beings that we are collectively experiencing.  Though it may not feel like it, it is a good thing, in the long run, especially if we rise to the occasion, and embrace the growth it stimulates with love and self-appreciation.

We increase our capacities for greater sacredness in love first and foremost by loving ourselves – even through the hard things. Challenges of these sorts are giving us great opportunities to exercise that “all important” muscle.  Loving ourselves and remaining in touch with our personal truth through loss and rejection is not easy, but is profoundly empowering!

Love is a precious, limitless, omnipresent and indefinable gift!  It is everything, and everywhere.  We are blessed by the many opportunities to love we have in our lives; yet, often we loose sight of that very real and gorgeous Truth.

One thing that helps me to actively stay in touch with this awareness is to seek Beauty.  I look for it, and let myself take it in as wholeheartedly as I can – the Beauty in nature, in city life, in public situations, in interactions with others and most especially, in myself and in the people whom I love.  When I can see, embrace and breath in the beauty that is ALWAYS permeating life, I can more easily stay in touch with Truth, with what is most important – and that is Love.

I believe that my greatest responsibility as a human being is to grow ever more true, proficient and deep in my loving.  I want to always evolve purely in my experience, service, facilitation and expression of Love.  Recognizing and welcoming the beauty present, even in painful situations, helps my heart grow, enables me to stay on track with what is most important, creates a more open channel for abundant flow and supports me in honoring my commitment to always grow in the greatness and sacredness of my loving.

During my treasured meditative walk at the beach this evening, I welcomed in the grace of the Summer Solstice, and gave thanks for the beauty of this time.   As I completed my prayers, and looked gratefully and lovingly across the endless expanse of deep blue green, I was given a great and glorious gift.  Many pods of dolphins danced before me in the sparkling sea, raising their sleek and skillful bodies fully out of the water, at times, as they dove to feast upon the plentiful schools of fish.  Humbled and speechless, I absorbed their radiance, and welcomed their teachings.

The dolphins are one of my most precious totem animals.  Their grace, their shine, their heart, their magnificence, their wisdom, their soulfulness . . . washes over me, feeds me, strengthens me, inspires me.  They come to me to mark turning points in my life. They signify the completion of an important phase and the beginning of an even greater time.

Dolphins teach us of the breath of life, its essence.  They epitomize beauty and teach us of its truth.  In our efforts to learn of beauty, I find that it helps to embrace the spirit of dolphin.

Thank you for sharing in love with me in this way.  May you walk in Beauty with all things!



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