Cultivating Depth Of Love – Post 1 – Growing In Heart

Blessings to you and yours on this glorious sunny summer day!  I hope this posting finds you well and flourishing abundantly!

I am beginning today, 7/9/12, more regular entries on this blog with the emphasis of supporting all of us – myself included – in deepening our capacities for Love and Heart.  With each post, I will also add a tool for both those who are seeking their Soulmates, and those who are in loving relationship.  (I will sometimes capitalize words that hold deep sacred meaning for me, or to express the higher aspects of what I am conveying – even when it is unnecessary to do so.)

For more comprehensive support around soulmate issues, you may also wish to utilize my private mentoring program called, “Soulmates & Sacredness In Love,” private healing sessions in person or by phone, or Intensive Study.  Please also “stay tuned” for additional support resources soon to be available.

So, let’s talk in greater depth about two of my favorite subjects – Love and Heart!  In this complicated and purifying time in history, our “heart muscles” are working very hard!  It may be difficult to realize this if we look at it more externally.  There is much challenging us – personally and collectively.  Yet, we are all, at many levels, and more than fully than we are aware, being forced to go deeper; to feel more; to clean up what confines and distorts us; to surrender control; to change; to grow and to expand.

This is the work of our Hearts as a vehicle for our higher good and in response to our Souls and to Divinity!  This is, also, what will bring us into greater personal truth, wellbeing, success, fulfillment and joy!

Like our physical hearts, I look at our emotional, mental and spiritual Hearts as a “muscle,” as well.  With loving, focused attention, it too, will strengthen, develop and get healthier.  Yet, unlike our physical hearts, with our emotional, mental and spiritual Hearts, They will also deepen, expand, transform, flower and fruit!  There is no “ceiling” in terms of Their beauty and radiance!  There is no limit to Their power!  We can ALWAYS grow in Love and Heart, no matter how adept we may be, and the more we grow in Them, the more wonderful and dynamic our lives will be!

Whether we are drawing to us a soulmate and beloved one, have an existing relationship we want to support, or simply want to love more deeply in all ways and create our lives accordingly, the first and most important step is to pay attention to our Hearts!

We’ve learned to ignore Them, devalue Them, run from Them and even belittle Them.  Yet, They are the keys to our happiness!  So the first step is to make a concrete effort to move away from that old, and debilitating, pattern!

To do this, we must first recognize that we have a relationship with our Hearts, and second, we must nurture that relationship!  Just like with any relationship, if we recognize its value and begin to put more loving energy into it, it blossoms.

Here are some ideas that may be helpful:

***If you are seeking a Soulmate:  nurture and embrace your Heart in general; set aside time to tune in to the way the image of your soulmate feels to you inside; and write down or physically express in some way (painting, collage, sculpture, music, dance, etc.) how it feels to you.  If you get words or pictures in your heart and mind, trust them and express what you get.

***If you are wanting to support your current relationship(s), do any of the above mentioned things that resonate.  It also helps to remember that our relationships have a “Heart,” too, and that giving the relationship Heart loving, healthy attention allows them to blossom.  Your love will keep deepening if its Heart is nurtured.

Let’s value our precious and phenomenal Hearts and let Them lead our way!  If supported, They will always teach us how to love more deeply and to more fully become all we are meant to be.

Until next time, in Love and Heart!

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