Cultivating Depth Of Love – Post 2 – Seeking Beauty


So grateful that you’ve “tuned in!”  We are continuing with our work around “Cultivating Depth Of Love” – to support us in drawing to us a soulmate, nurturing soulmate relationships and enhancing the quality of all relationships.  (Other powerful support options around soulmate issues that may be beneficial for you are my Mentoring Program:  “Soulmates & Sacredness In Love,” workshops, and transformational healing sessions all available by phone or in person.)

As we’ve discussed in previous postings, the key to not only loving more deeply but to happiness, wellbeing and success in all areas is a strong, healthy, active relationship with our Hearts!  If I were to say to you, “Tune in to your Heart,” would you know how to do that?  I find most people do not, at first, or they are not sure if they can trust that the messages they receive are not from their ego or intellect alone.  What I also find, is that most people have a stronger connection with their Hearts than they realize, even if they have learned to ignore its dedicated and loving communication.

In order to strengthen our Hearts, and our relationships with our Hearts, we need to start developing more concrete tools for connecting with it.  Part of that growing process is to nurture a more visceral sense of it – so that when we “tune in,” we know what it feels like.  This will help us to become increasingly confident in our “communications” with it, and thus in our abilities to interpret what is most true for us.

A couple of tools that we can use to become more aware of the way our Hearts feel and communicate with us are to connect with a sense of Awe and to seek or open up to Beauty.   All of us have experienced both many times throughout our lives.

Lets start with exploring a sense of Awe.  Whether we realize it or not in asking ourselves that question, we have at different points in our lives felt “awestruck.”  We have felt an awareness – to whatever degree – of something that lifts us out of the norm.  Something transcendent and sacred.

Think about what it feels like to hold a newborn baby in your arms; to really take in a gorgeous sunset; to marvel at a magnificent work of art; to watch baby animals being born; to make love in a deep and intimate way; to feel the presence of Divinity so strongly you are speechless; to create from a deep and powerful part of you; to lose yourself in great music . . .  If any of these illustrations have resonated for you, you have felt Awe.  You have felt your Heart, and your connectedness with the Divine through it!

Seeking Beauty in day to day life is another powerful tool we may use, both to help us center ourselves and realign with who we truly are, and as well, to strengthen in our Hearts.  We can do this simply by looking for the beauty within and around us at all times.  We often tend to focus on the negative which clouds our perspective and blocks our abilities to experience the Beauty, which is also there.

Looking for Beauty even in difficult circumstances strongly exercises our “Heart muscles,” and creates more openness for the flow of positivity in our lives.  When we are tuned in to Beauty, we are more in touch with what is really True about ourselves and about life!  Following are a couple of tools for both drawing a soulmate to you, and also supporting the sacredness of existing relationships.

***To draw a soulmate to you:  Let yourself open up to the love inside you that you want to give to this person, and to the way he or she feels inside you and in your dreams, and let yourself imagine the most beautiful day with them that you can envision.  Let it run for as long as you wish in your mind and be bold and creative!  If you want to write it down or paint it, go for it.  Let everything be as beautiful as you can possibly make it.  Don’t worry about logic or “reality.”  Let it flow

***To support and deepen existing relationships:  If you wish, do the exercise above with your beloved in mind.  As well, you can tune in to the love you feel for your beloved and write down or express in some way things that are most beautiful about them. What do you love most?  What is cute?  What traits inspire you? How do they help you grow?  Go deep and let your Heart and the great Love you feel for them have a voice!

Be in touch soon!  Till then, may Beauty and Awe envelop you and light your way!

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