Deepening Love Through Gratitude

Thanksgiving is upon us!  It is hard to fathom that the year is almost at an end, and yet it is.  With the “hustle and bustle” of the holidays nagging at us, it is easy to lose sight of the deeper truths within them.

What gifts does the Thanksgiving holiday have for us?  Time with family or friends or loved ones or to be with oneself.  The opportunity to give to others in service.   Celebrating the rich harvest of life and love through feasting together.  Sharing our bounty with others.  And the opportunity to become more consciously, and actively, in touch with that for which we feel grateful. How beautiful all these gifts are, when we consider then in a broader way!

I’ve been thinking a lot more about gratitude of late.   And with each step I take in my own growth, I find myself being awed by yet another dimension of understanding with it revealing itself to me.

Gratitude is a tremendously powerful force!!  Much more so than I think we have learned thus far.  It is a dynamic gift that – when used with consciousness – helps us to root the inner beauty of our beings and the deeper wishes of our Hearts.

It makes sense that when we gather with loved ones for a holiday things go more smoothly, beautifully and joyfully if we deliberately choose to feel appreciative and grateful, rather than the other way around.  Choosing to set aside irritations, old resentments, judgments, anxious thoughts, worries, anger, remote hurts, etc., allows us to be more present with our dear ones, and present, as well, with how much we love them.  It allows us to see the good that is within them, rather than the not so good.

Feeling grateful is a blessing that sometimes comes naturally out of the beauty of a circumstance.  Yet, it is also a conscious choice that we can make.  Gratitude is a state that is more aligned with spiritual truth. It is a higher vibration than anger, worry, self-deprication, agitation, busy thoughts, etc., and so it helps us to be more true in who we are.  It helps us to be more deeply aligned with both our Souls, and with Divinity, so life can be created more beautifully and meaningfully.

In a nutshell, being grateful makes it easier for our lives to resonate with our deeper and more joyous selves. It creates a clearer pathway for good to come to us, and to those whom we love.  Being in the state of gratitude impacts all areas of life – health, success, spiritual purpose, creativity, abundance – and relationships!

When we choose to feel grateful for our loved one(s), it opens us up more fully to Grace, and it is then easier to get past the wounded ego issues, the false pride, the unhealthy patterns, and the fears of growth and intimacy, that are often so prevalent in our less healthy relationship patterns, and that are also, in truth, holding us back from what we truly want.  The unhealthy patterns absolutely do not serve us if we are genuinely wanting deeper and more sacred love!  There is no getting around it.

Gratitude helps us to stay more consistently in touch with what is truly important . . . the Love.  All that matters – in all things and in all ways – is the Love.  It is that simple and that glorious!  In our hearts, we know this.  We just forget.

Being consistently grateful (doing our best to get back on the horse, even if we fall off) helps us to remember this, and to let the magic within us take its wondrous shape in our lives and hearts.

May your Thanksgiving holiday be rich in Love, Grace and Gratitude!  Thank you for blessing us with your connection.

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