Embrace The Grace

During the Holiday Season we are afforded a special opportunity to grow in Heart and transform our lives more quickly, easily and dynamically.

We are often so focused on the heightened physical demands that we lose sight of this beautiful truth.  This time of year, I like to remind myself, and remind those whom I love, that this is an extraordinary  time – one that may be utilized to create positive forward movement for ourselves, and for others.

The Blessed Ones shower forth increased levels of Love and Light periodically throughout the year to support our individual and collective evolution – to make it easier for us to grow past our pain and limitations more rapidly.  This occurs as a blessing to us whether we open to it or not.  However, we can make more significant positive change for ourselves and for our loved ones by welcoming the Grace and bringing consciousness to it.

The Holy Ones walk with us more closely at Christmas time, cradling and supporting us more fully, and continually emanating Grace to bless us.  It is one of the most powerful times of increased Divine Support that we receive each year, and we would be wise to embrace this gift and make the most of it!

This increased radiance begins to occur a little before Thanksgiving and continues through the first week or two of January.  It’s gift is most strong around the Winter Solstice and through the New Year.  The Holy Ones are always radiating Grace to support us; however, in these heightened times, we are especially blessed.  It is a gift of Divine Love to help us be healthier and happier.

Positive transformation occurs in response to Grace.  If we set aside our limiting thoughts, our fears or guilt or pain or anger, our monkey mind, our need to control, etc. Grace can enter us more deeply.  It can thereby bring us more deeply into touch with Truth – Divine Truth and our personal Truth.  From this state, our souls can more easily create what we need for our joy, fulfillment and wellbeing.

There is Magic in the air, and the magic is not limited to our time with family or the opportunity to give loving gifts.  The magic is also expressed through Grace as an opportunity to heal, ennoble and empower.

Following is one way to work with the gift of this heightened Grace actively:  Take a few moments to tune into your Heart.  Identify what you may be wishing to manifest for yourself or your loved ones so it may become clearer in your heart and mind.  Then do your best, in between all the activity, the shopping, the chores . . . to center yourself.  Tune in and open up to welcome in the Grace more deeply; to let yourself feel it.  If you have time, think about the dreams you have identified, say it out loud if you wish, and do this as frequently as you can.

It doesn’t have to take long.  The key is to regularly “Embrace the Grace” – shift your consciousness to the deeper Beauty and Truth of this time, and away from our mundane emphasis, even if it is for brief, periodic moments.  You are still creating openings, and the Divine Presence can be with you more closely.  Your soul, and the Blessed Ones, know how to do the rest.

In doing so, you are bring more consciousness, focus and active participation to transforming your life and making the most of the extra Divine support at this time.  The increased emanations of Divine Love, Light and Grace are with us, and will bless us to the degree we allow it and are ready to grow.  Consciously opening to them allows them to enter us more deeply and bless us more fully, due simply to the fact that we are less closed.

Grace, Love, Light and Peace be with you in this sacred Holiday Season.

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