Embracing Easter’s Light And Magic – Post 2

Blessings, Everyone!  Love and Light to you!

In our last post, we talked about the power of this magical time we are currently within – Spring, Easter, New Life.  As we discussed, there is a heightened showering forth of Divine Love, Light and Grace during this time to give us the chance to break through limitations more easily, to manifest what we desire and to happily transform our lives more quickly.

This is a VERY POWERFUL time to manifest, or begin manifesting that of which we dream, and to create forward positive movement for our lives, relationships, hearts and beings! Embracing these possibilities with passionate consciousness is a great way to make the most of this potent opportunity.

If you are working with the ideas presented in the last Post, you have taken the time to identify and write down the deeper dreams of your heart, and ceremoniously expressed them.  Great!  Here’s some more ways of working with it.

1.  Reaffirm you intentions and visions as regularly as you can by reading them out loud – daily or twice a day – if possible.  Feel them as you express them, and be passionate about it!

2.  Add something to the list, if more ideas come to you, or sharpen your focus, fine-tune your expression if it needs it.  The clearer and stronger you are in your awareness, intention and communication, the clearer the pathway for its creation.

3.  Do something creative to further express them like a collage, an altar, another ceremony.

4.  Continue opening to the “influx of Love and Light.”  Feel it in nature, welcome it spiritually, shift your attention to it.  Allow it to wash over you, to teach you, to feed and expand your heart, to soothe and protect you, stimulate and empower you.

You may also work very effectively with the increased Love and Light to achieve personal goals in terms of emotional and spiritual growth. I use this time as my “spiritual calendar year.”  What I mean by this is that I work consciously and actively with it to grow spiritually and fine-tune and anchor my intentions, visions and goals for the next year.

To do this, I work with what I call “Essences,” and welcome in guidance and awareness and lessons around certain key areas in my life.  So, for example, I ask for guidance about my relationships with people I love, my creative works, my path, my ministry, what areas I need growth or healing, etc.

To do this, I identify these “Essences” and write them down, and I begin welcoming in lessons, awarenesses, insights, etc.  I pay attention to what comes through this time, and tune into the things that seem to be addressing my questions or intentions.  I will write down what I learn when it gets clear enough.

Around Easter time, and on Easter, I also open up and ask these questions specifically to the Holy Ones, and tune in to what they communicate to me, and I write it down.

Everyone has their own ways of connecting, communicating and receiving guidance spiritually.  As we strengthen and grow in our hearts, these natural abilities within us also strengthen and grow.

The more you reach out spiritually, and work that muscle by communicating and tuning in, the better you get at it, and the stronger your interpretive skills get. Trust yourself.

For me, I receive guidance in three primary ways, through words, through seeing how things work and fit together and then expressing it, and through feelings and images that I define.

Using this sacred time to support your spiritual and emotional growth is a very effective and powerful way to further your development, personal success and overall wellbeing.

Till next time, may you dance and sing in the beauty of this Blessed Easter Light.


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