Spring has sprung, and we move from the more internal and reflective time of Winter into the excitement and regeneration of Spring!  If we open to it, we are blessed by the hopefulness of budding new life, by the subtle, sweet fragrance of flowers blooming, by the awakening comfort of increased warmth, by the fire of love, sensuality and passion burning more brightly within us and by the energizing promise of untapped opportunity!  How blessed we are by the countless graces of Spring.

As I write today’s post, it is three weeks until Easter Sunday.  I dedicate these three weeks to more regular posts in support of all of us – myself included – embracing Love and Light with more consciousness, commitment and skill, and creating more solid momentum in manifesting the deeper dreams of our hearts.

In my own practice, Easter is my most powerful spiritual time.  It is my “spiritual calendar year.”  I am interfaith in my ministry, and embrace many different ideologies in my teaching, healing, ministry and personal spiritual development.  I was also born in the Spring, so perhaps this is part of its resonance for me.

Easter is a very potent time for transformation and manifestation! At different points during the year, there is a markedly increased influx of Divine Love, Light and Support showered unto us to bless us, and help us grow and create our dreams more effectively. God, the Holy Ones, the Divine Presence, Mother/Father God, The Great Spirit, the Angels – whatever term aligns most truthfully for you – amp up and fine-tune Their omni-present support of us so we can more quickly and easily heal and move past our limiting patterns that keep us from being everything we are truly meant to be.

If we actively work with the heightened showering of Love and Light that is present through the blessings of the Spring Equinox and of the Lenten and Easter Seasons, we have the opportunity to dramatically “break new ground” in achieving our personal, spiritual and professional goals. Following are some tips for doing so:

1.  Schedule in (as soon as possible) some time to tune in, identify and write down your current intentions, dreams and visions for yourself and for your loved ones. Putting it on paper helps you to ground it more solidly – both in the world, and in your consciousness.

2.  Do some sort of heart-felt ceremonial tribute to them to consciously and physically commit yourself to their creation! You can do a spiritual ritual, speak them passionately out loud in a favorite nature spot, do a collage or other type of creative piece, write them onto a nice piece of paper and keep them at your bedside, under your pillow, on an altar . . .

3.  Give yourself time to tune in and simply embrace and absorb the increased Love and Light. This will strengthen and bless you, and give your powerful soul more oomph in getting you and your life to where you want to be.

Your soul knows how to work with the increased Divine support and pull all this together. So, if you feel scared, over-whelmed or unnerved by you’re unfolding growth, just try to relax into it and turn it over to your soul, and to the Divine Presence through your soul, and it will get you where you need to be for your greatest joy, health and wellbeing!!  Open and welcome in the Good!!!

For more support on this, and on growing in love and heart, tune in again soon, as we all work more consciously with and gear up for the Magic of Easter together. Also, check out the various options that are available through my work listed below.


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***Heart & Soul Food – a powerful weekly phone opportunity to connect spiritually, tap into my strength with love and prayer, and establish momentum for the creation of your dreams.  Heart & Soul Food supports soulmate relationships, sacredness in love and life, abundant flow, health, spiritual alignment and wellbeing.  Thursday evenings, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. PST.  Fee discounted to $60 per month.  Email: info@voiceofthesoul.net.

***Soul Deep Love – Intensive Healing Program –  A series of 5 private hour and a half long phone sessions to support creating and/or nurturing soulmated relationships, healing, overall wellbeing, personal empowerment, abundant flow and spiritual strength.  Series discounted to $350. (You save $100.)  Email: info@voiceofthesoul.net.

***Soul Deep Love – Teleconference Call Workshop Series A 4 workshop weekly phone course that supports all aspects the soulmate relationship journey, and strengthens the heart and spiritual core, positively impacting all aspects of life.  Tuesday evenings, 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. PST, March 29, and April 5, 12, and 19. Special rate of $80 for the series.  Email:  info@voiceofthesoul.net.

*******SCHOLARSHIP FUND – Support other’s quests for greater love and wellbeing by contributing any amount to my SCHOLARSHIP FUND.  This allows me to offer more pro-bono work, something for which there is currently a great need.  Email:  info@voiceofthesoul.net.

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