Embracing Easter’s Magic – Post 3 – Growing In Love

Love and Grace be always with you!

This post will be dated 4/17/11.  It is Palm sunday, the beginning of Easter week.  April 17 is also my late father’s birthday.  I love you, Daddy, and I miss you terribly.  Thank you for blessing me so greatly, and eternally, with the power of your love!  The tender and steadfast devotion of my father’s love for me was a copious spring, an oasis, from which I drank deeply of the truth of love. It is still so for me, in this new and ever-evolving form.  I honor you, Daddy, always, and welcome growing further with you in love as our hearts continue to grow.

Today we will be talking about using the power of this Holy time, and the increased, profuse influx of Love and Light present within it (that we have been addressing in the last couple posts), to expand our capacities for loving.

Our hearts are the vehicles through which we experience and express love. As we’ve discussed previously, the heart is the voice of the soul.  It is the bridge between physical and spiritual life.  It is through the heart that our soul’s create and express and commune with Divinity.  It is thus, through our Hearts, that we come to know God’s Unconditional Love, and as a result, that we come to truly know how to love and be loved.  Every breath we take, every fiber of our beings, embodies Divine Love.  It is the Truth of Life.

The Divine Presence increases the flow, intensity and frequency of this eternal, omni-present, omni-potent Unconditional Love over the Spring and Easter season to help us evolve into more easily and quickly.  This intensified experience of Divine Love feeds our hearts deeply. It teaches them and supports them in expanding so our souls have a wider, stronger channel through which to help us create more joy, abundance and fulfillment for ourselves.

It helps our hearts expand, also, in our capacities for loving more skillfully and completely.  If we open to the love and to the growth, it will change us.

It takes a lot of courage to let our hearts open in these new ways, and to embrace growth in general. Growth involves change, and much of the time, our personality selves avoid change at all costs. They usually prefers to have everything neatly and completely under their control.

Yet, Love, in Truth, can never be controlled.  It is boundless, eternal, free of fear, fierce. If we wish to love well, and create for ourselves great love, we must be willing to change.  We must be fearless and courageous enough to allow our hearts to grow, and allow our beings, and our lives, to reflect this growth, to transform.

We can work consciously and actively with the blessed power of this Holy time to help our hearts expand by embracing the Love and Light and welcoming it into our hearts! Here are a few tips:

1.  Welcome in the Love and Light, direct your attention to them.  Do your best to feel them, to turn your mind off and tune into them.

2.  Imagine this great Divine Love and Light washing over you, enveloping you, flowing within and around you, cradling you.

3.  Imagine it feeding and teaching your heart.  Open up to any insights, messages, feelings, etc., and write them down.

4.  Stay as connected with these feelings and the state of expansion for as long as you can, and make a mental note of the visceral connection you have with it – how it feels inside you.

5. Tap into that feeling periodically throughout your day – as frequently as you can manage.

6.  Pay attention to any changes you notice in relationships – in the way you feel about your loved ones, in the depth of your feelings, in your attitude, in your style of communication, what bothers you and what doesn’t.

7.  Actively work with reconnecting with those feelings when and if you find yourself slipping into old, limiting, defensive behavioral patterns in relationship, so you have more tools in staying expansive and not constricting.

Letting the wounded sense of self, or wounded ego or personality self, restrict our hearts with judgement, criticism, fear, control, negative messages, false pride, etc., keeps us from being fulfilled in love, as well as in life!  It is that simple!!

I encourage you to embrace the full potential and exquisite beauty of this wondrous Easter season and support your precious heart in expanding as fully as possible into Love!!!  It is a win/win!!


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