FEEDING THE FAMILY HEART – Nurturing What Is Of Greatest Value

The Holiday Season is nearly upon us, completing a year of seemingly perpetual – and sometimes scathing – growth.  The thrust for positive transformation will be even greater in these next few months, as will be the deeper levels of purification catalyzing it.   It is a Blessed gift, and as we grow, it helps to remind ourselves that we are eternally held in Love and Grace!

Those whom we hold most dear – whether they are our spouses and children, lovers, biological families, soul families, close friends, etc. – teach us about who we truly are, and gift us with beautiful, ever-deepening and multi-layered opportunities to strengthen our Hearts and increase our capacities for love and intimacy. They help us learn to better give and receive love, and how to be more compassionate, communicative, understanding and patient. They, thus, help us to go deeper into ourselves, and align with what is most true and important!   Love is our greatest gift and greatest teacher!

Just as we each have individual Hearts that strengthen with loving, focused attention, our relationships also have Hearts that deepen and expand with dedicated care.   The more Love and Heart we put into our relationships, the more they will flourish, and so will we.

It is easy, especially with our biological families and long-term relationships, to see each other, and be seen by them, partially inaccurately.  Our wounds often skew how we perceive them, and perceive ourselves in relationship with them, and their views of us are generally skewed by this, as well.  We tend to keep each other (and ourselves, too) in boxes in which we do not fit.   Yet, paradoxically, they may also know us better than anyone else.

I find, both for myself, and for the wonderful people whom I support with healing, teaching or ministry, that moving beyond these misperceptions in relationship dramatically transforms them for the better!  To break free of the boxes that we have been placed in, we must be willing to offer the same courtesy to those whom we love.   It starts with giving yourself permission to see your own beauty; to seek it in your loved ones; to forgive yourself and others for transgressions; to let go of hurt, pride and anger; to allow for things to grow and be different; to give your Heart to them; to feel how much you love them; to surrender control; and to keep turning concerns or fears over to the Love itself.  The Heart of your relationship, and the Love between you itself, will lift you up, and help you both get where you are going – through the Power of Love – into deeper, more real and honest connection.

In this wondrous Holiday Season, I encourage you to join me in actively cherishing your families and loved ones and nourishing your family Heart!

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