Fifty Food For Thought Questions

Love is a complex and miraculous journey!  As a rule, the potential for deep, extraordinary, life-affirming, soul-filled and true love has barely been tapped!!  Hard to imagine.  Let’s all work together to correct that sad, yet human, truth!

Oftentimes, we don’t even realize that we are relating from old or unhealthy patterns that may even be counter-productive.  They may not apply at all to our current situation, or they may work against what is truly our heart’s desire.  Many times, we slip into automatic responses because we feel vulnerable or are triggered by something, or simply because it is what we’ve learned, what is most familiar.

If we cultivate more awareness about our relationship patterns that aren’t working, what we believe about love and life, who we truly are and what we truly want, etc., we have more tools and “ammunition” to keep from slipping automatically into patterns that no longer serve us.  We can make a conscious choice to proceed differently – to relate in a way that is healthier, happier, more constructive, loving, genuine and effective.

Following are some questions to stimulate heart and consciousness.

May Love shower its abundant graces bountifully and eternally upon you.

Fifty Food For Thought Questions

The followings questions are designed to help us understand ourselves and our loved ones better, and to sharpen our focus in creating what we want for ourselves interpersonally.   Work with whatever questions strike a chord for you.  It is not important to answer each question, unless that seems useful for you.  What is important in making the most of this exercise is to allow it to help you go deeper into your heart, and your consciousness.  Let your heart lead you as you do it, and allow your intuition to help you decide which ones call you to answer.

1.  What qualities are most important to you in a romantic partner?

2.  What do you like or love most about your current love?

3.  What do you like or love the most about previous loves that stand out?

4. What things are most challenging for you in relationships?

5. What things come naturally for you in relationships?

6. What do you hunger for in relationships?

7. What secret dreams do you have for love?

8. What areas need improvement for you in relationships?

9. What things feel like they may be in the way for you in creating sacred love for yourself?

10. What needs to change or grow in you to have what you dream of in relationships?

11. What works for you in friendships and/or romantic relationships?

12. What doesn’t work for you in friendships and/or romantic relationships?

13. What does “higher love” mean to you?

14. What does “soulmate” mean to you?

15. Why do you want to create more sacredness in love for yourself?

16. What beliefs do you have about your ability to love?

17. What beliefs to you have about relationships?

18. What frightens you about love?

19. What does trust mean to you in relationships?

20. What does tenderness look or feel like to you?

21. What does passion in love look like for you?

22. What family messages did you get about love and loving?

23. Have you ever had a soulmate, and if so what was/or is most beautiful about that love?

24. Have you ever felt truly met by another, and if so, how did that impact you?

25. What does it mean to you to cherish someone?

26. Has sex ever felt truly sacred to you?  If so, explain why or what it was like.

27. What does intimacy mean to you?

28. What do you want your future life to look like in the area of relationships?

29. What is confusing about love for you?

30. How would you like to be loved?

31. What would you like to share with your soulmate?

32. What would you like to learn from your love?

33. How would your life change if you were with the love of your life?

34. What feeds you in love?

35. What are you willing to let go of, or to release, for the sake of love, and what are you not willing to release?

36. What does surrender mean to you in loving?

37. What role does spirituality play for you in love?

38. Do you feel more connected spiritually, or less, in sex and in your relationships?

39. What does devotion feel like to you?

40. What keeps you from loving as fully as you are capable of loving?

41. Where would you go on your honeymoon with your beloved, and why?

42. What would you like to give your beloved from deep within you?

43. What would you like to receive from your beloved?

44. Is there shame for you around sex, and if so where does that come from?

45. Is it hard for you to be a parent and to also seek or support romantic partnership?

46. How do your children teach you more about sacred or higher love?

47. What does your heart want to say to you about your path in love?

48. What does your soul wish to create for you in love?

49. Do you see a future for yourself that includes romantic partnership, and if so, how can you anchor, strengthen and expand that vision?

50. What is your next concrete step in creating more sacredness in love for yourself?

Michele DeMoulin

Reverend, Reiki Master Teacher

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