Finding Your Soulmate – Post 1

Hello Everybody,

Hope that you are well and that this new year is unfolding for you with limitless joy, beauty, abundance, love and magic.  It has been for me, and I feel inexpressibly blessed and grateful!!

It is less than a month until Valentine’s Day, and seems like the perfect time to launch a month long series of blog entries devoted to finding, or drawing to one, a true romantic Soulmate.  Our emphasis will be on long-term romantic partnership – The One – so to speak!

Many of the keys, thoughts and tools that we will be addressing will be useful also for deepening existing relationships of all levels, or drawing to one soulmates who may be short-term or long-term and platonic, both meant to help us grow but not be romantic partners. Work with the pieces of this month long “program” (and tweak it for yourself accordingly, if necessary) that work for you and what you currently wish to create for yourself.  Let’s start with getting a common vocabulary about this very complex and gorgeous subject.


A soulmate is someone with whom our soul shares similar vibrational characteristics.  These “similarities” create a resonance when we are with that person, or even connect at an emotional/spiritual level over distance.  That is partly why it usually feels so good to be with them or to think of them.  We are more whole in ourselves through this resonance, and that is, obviously, both empowering and joyful!

These similarities at a soul level may not always be readily seen when the connection is looked at more superficially.  Sometimes the differences may be more glaringly apparent than the similarities.  (Differences in soulmate relationships are often there to help the soulmates to balance, heal or grow, and usually teach us a great deal.  We will talk more about this in future blogs.)  However, if we look at it more carefully, or look at what deep, central lessons it may be teaching us about ourselves, we may be able to see the flow and purpose of the connection more clearly.

Being with your soulmate doesn’t mean you find an exact replica of yourself.  (How boring would that be!)  It means you find someone who amplifies and resonates with the most important aspects of who you truly are.  Someone who brings you to your personal truth and brings out the very best in you – even if it is challenging and takes a while to get there.


In addition to simply feeling great, the resonance is actually a very powerful gift and tool for us in being more fully who we are, and thereby, having happier, healthier, more successful and dynamic lives.  It also, for this reason, helps us to more easily and directly fulfill our life purpose!

It is a great gift from Divinity – for both of the soulmates and for the world!  This powerful resonance also creates a clearer channel for the flow of Divine Love to be more solidly present in this world, and thus for the magic that the Divine Presence perpetually holds for each of us to unfold more freely into our lives!  (more on this later in this “program”)

For example, we can probably see how resonance in general works when we look at the difference in doing a project with co-workers with whom there are common temperaments or a sense of connection as opposed to co-workers where this is a dissonance and conflicting styles.  Resonance creates flow.

When we are with people whose souls match up with ours to any significant degree, it is like our souls can see and feel themselves more clearly in this world and thus create a more fertile environment for expressing its beauty in our lives.  It amplifies our souls’ natures – their wisdom, radiance, gifts and magic – and it gives them power in creating our lives in ways that are not only happier, but significantly more dynamic and true for us.  The key word when describing how soulmates bless us, clearly, is RESONANCE!!

That concludes our blog for today.  Join us for the next installment later this week!  I invite you to tap into that “resonant” place within you, that place you may have shared with other soulmates, or that you have dreamt of sharing with one, and let it flow within you as completely and regularly as you can!!  Reveling in this sacred place of resonance within yourself will help you find your beloved, and help your beloved find you!!  We’ll talk more about all this later.  Till next time!

Blessings of Soulmated love for you!

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