Finding Your Soulmate – Post 2


Love and warm greetings to you on this “magically delicious” winter afternoon.  It is a sunny, grace-filled day here in California, The air feels ripe to me with magic, love and power.  The full moon last night amplifies the strength of our abilities to create the dreams of our hearts.  So lets get busy with our active dreaming.

This is the second posting in our month-long series devoted to supporting us in finding the soulmate we seek for long-term, romantic partnership.  The ideas presented over this month will also provide support for deepening in love in existing relationships, if you have already found your partner, or are not looking for one at this time.

In Post 1, we talked about the fact that our soulmates have vibrational characteristics in their souls that match with our own – some more than others – and that the resonance created strengthens our souls, and helps us be happier, healthier and more empowered in life.  Today we will talk about the underlying magnetic forces present in soulmate love.


To draw our soulmates to us, even if we have not yet met in this lifetime, we can also use the power of this soul resonance, that is present between soulmates, to help us further clear the pathway so we may find each other more easily.  So lets look at that more closely.

There is a very powerful magnetic pull between soulmates.  This is a feature of the soul resonance we are talking about.  Our souls ABSOLUTELY HUNGER to freely and passionately express the wealth of Love that is their essence; to express who we truly are, everything that makes us beautiful!  When we are with soulmates, when there is “resonance,” our souls can exercise and express our vast, untapped capacities for love, and all the myriad and gorgeous forms reflected within it.

The ferociously intense drive in our souls to express their love in this world and create happiness for us may be better understood if we look at a partial parallel with the body.  Think about what it feels like for our bodies to be profoundly out of shape and yearning for better health.  Imagine we haven’t exercised for a year and been living on coffee, cigarettes and fast food.  If we were honest with ourselves, what would our bodies be communicating to us.  “Take care of me!  Exercise me!!  Feed me properly!!!  Let me be everything I can be!!!!”

For the most part, our souls – though unwaveringly compassionate and patient with our frailties – feel stifled and imprisoned by our lack of sensitivity to them through being closed in our hearts.  They feel like screaming, “TAKE CARE OF ME!  EXERCISE ME!! FEED ME PROPERLY!!! LET ME BE EVERYTHING I CAN BE!!!!

Soulmates are gifts from God, or the Universe, or the Divine Intelligence (whatever term resonates for you).  They are sacred gifts to feed our souls and make it easier for them to be everything they can be.

The Magnetic Pull between soulmates may aptly be thought of as the quintessential resonance between them infused with the fiery passion of the soul’s longing to fully express its love.  Needless to say, this is a indefinably, powerful force!!  It is a significant part of the attraction, of the pull to be together all the time, or stay together even if it isn’t working well.  In finding your soulmate, you can also use the magnetic pull with consciousness to help you find each other.

One way to do this is, to the best of your ability, actively and regularly tap into this state of resonance that you share with your love (through your imagination, your heart, your spirituality), and also open in your heart and soul to the fire within you to express your love to a beloved of like vibration, and to express it in general.

These feelings often overlap, flow into and are fed by the others; so, it is okay if it is hard to distinguish just where the feelings come from. That doesn’t matter.  The primary idea here is to go deep – deeper and deeper really.  To support your soul in expressing its loving, and to allow your heart to feel the resonant connection with your beloved, is an unfolding, and ever-evolving experience.  It is multi-dimensional and greater than we can fully understand.  Let your heart lead you in this.  Go beyond the mind, or the ego, or the fear, or limiting judgments, and embrace the wise resonant, magnetic fire within your soul, and between you and your beloved. It may feel scary to do this, but there is no reason to be afraid.  Your beautiful Soul knows the way, and will gently, yet firmly support you.  You’re in good hands!

Till next time, may the Love of your great Soul shine with ever more joy and brilliance each moment.

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