Finding Your Soulmate – Post 3 – More On The Pull

Good morning!  Welcome to Post 3 of our Valentine month-long intensive on finding a romantic soulmate partner and creating greater sacredness in love in all relationships!  It is another glorious day, at all levels, and I feel the “Magic” continuing to grow for all of us!  How blessed we are to live in this miraculous time!!

In the previous two posts, we talked about the power of the innate soul resonance fundamental to soulmate relationships; how it blesses not only the lovers, but the world; and how this deep resonance, coupled with our Soul’s fierce quintessential drive to express the Love within it, creates a powerful magnetic pull between soulmates.  Through bringing more consciousness to the existence of this pull, we can use it to help support us both in finding one another.  Let’s go deeper yet in exploring this potent tool.

The magnetic pull is also a partial expression of the great love between soulmates.  It reflects but a fraction of how deeply and passionately we are linked with these beloved ones in a higher sense.  They are part of our soul family!  They have come into our lives to help us grow more fully in Truth and Joy.  Whatever its purpose, for however long it lasts, platonic or romantic, each soulmate bond has the potential to offer us deeper and clearer alignment with our inner beings, and thus, with Divinity Itself.  This is the source of our overall wellbeing and fulfillment.

When we tap into the resonance and pull that we feel with a soulmate, we have the opportunity to learn more about love, about ourselves, and about the love between us and our beloved ones. Love is our essence.  It is the fire within our souls that yearns to express itself without restriction.

We can actively work with this powerful resonance and magnetic pull to go deeper into our true natures, and strengthen our relationships with them.  Doing this offers us a host of invaluable benefits – more than we can fully understand!!    However, lets look more carefully at what we can.

It is only logical that if we better understand who we are; what we long for; how we express love; what no longer serves us in relationships; what our deeper dreams in life, love and work are; what gifts we bring to love; where we still need healing or strengthening in order to truly love, etc., we are better prepared when great love comes along!  This, among many other blessings, is what we stand to receive when we open to the deep flow of love within us, and the pull we feel for our precious soulmates makes it easier for us to feel that love and grow through our fears and resistance.  Whether they are in our lives yet, or not, the resonance between us shines a bright and compassionate light, illuminating our path towards self-awareness and actualization!

When we have this stronger, healthier core from which to draw sustenance as we create our lives, we are also, of course, better equipped to nurture and sustain higher love in a healthy way.   It gives us more strength for everything we wish to create for ourselves.

As we’ve discussed, our gorgeous soulmates are already imprinted within us.  Their soul, their essence, already exists within our souls.  In a higher sense, we are already united, and blessing each other and the world at a spiritual level.  When we tap into the resonance and magnetic pull between us and our beloved ones, we create a clearer and more receptive channel for this higher love that already exists – the divine marriage, if you will – to be able to create this union on the physical plane.  Soulmated love begins first in the spiritual realms!

Perhaps a useful way of looking at it is to think of it as Michelangelo thought of his sculpture.  He knew that the masterpiece was already embodied within the marble, and he need only work to reveal it.  In manifesting soulmated love on the physical plane, we truly are creating a masterpiece – between the lovers – and also as an immeasurable blessing for the world!!  We’ll explore this exquisite Truth more fully in our next post.  See you soon!

May radiant beams of Love and Light always stream forth joyfully unto you!

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