Finding Your Soulmate – Post 4 – The Divine Marriage

Spring is in the air again here.  Though it is, in actuality, mid-Winter the radiant warmth feeds the fire within my heart, as it opens to share with you once more in the beauty of soulmated love.  There is so much to explore with this subject!  The more I write, the more strongly this becomes apparent.  So, I have decided that we will continue this more intensive work on finding a romantic soulmate partner beyond Valentine’s Day, as well, until it feels like a good stopping point.  I will write on it as frequently as work and life permits.  Please forgive the delays in between postings.

Today we will be looking more closely at the spiritual connection of soulmated love.  One thing to keep  in mind as we work on creating greater sacredness in our loving, and on finding the soulmate who is our life partner, is that higher love is far greater than the mind can fully understand.  It is “okay” if we don’t fully understand it.  In fact, it is actually better if we allow our minds to open to the fact that it is not “linear,” to remind ourselves that we don’t need to control it mentally.  Staying locked in the mind about it actually prevents it from coming into form.

Soulmated love is, of course, of the heart!  To have it in our daily lives, we need to learn to let the heart lead, not the mind, and embrace not only the intellectual or sexual experiences of love, but also the divine, fluid and expansive.  If, as you read these posts, and work with these concepts, you feel overwhelmed mentally or have trouble grasping the entirety of the concepts, know that the essence of it that is expressed through the writings will still be striking a chord within you and feeding your own magnetic pull and source of heart and resonance.  You are still getting to where you wish to be in finding your soulmate or growing in love if you simply absorb it, work with the ideas that make sense to you mentally, and open to the presence of love within and around you.  So, all that said, let’s explore the spiritual connection in soulmated love more closely.

Our soul families have often been with us spiritually for eons.  In many ways, they are extensions of our own souls.  Members of a soul family often agree (in the spiritual realms) to come together to assist each other in growth and wellbeing.

Our higher selves, our soulmates, and the Holy Ones work together spiritually to orchestrate ways that we can come together in our various lifetimes to support each other in expressing this beautiful soul essence that we share.   Our soulmates support us in countless ways, helping us to identify and have the courage to face the hard issues, to clear what is holding us back, to try new things, to push ourselves further, to create more freely, to heal more deeply and to love more purely.   As we’ve discussed, through honoring and exploring the great love between soulmates, in whatever context reveals itself, we are made more whole!  We come closer to being actualized and fulfilled.

The “work” that we do with our soulmates and the Blessed Ones in the spiritual realm does not end with the orchestration of our physical world relationships.  The higher expressions of each of us exist concurrently with our physical lives.  The love between soulmates lives and “works” multi-dimensionally.

For example, with my own beloved soulmate, whom I will identify as “C,” we had a lesson on the physical plane that taught us both more about healthy boundaries.  He tended to have too many boundaries, and I tended to not have enough.  We both learned, by navigating through a minor difficulty, how to have healthier boundaries.  My love said that it was like we were teaching each other to find what Plato called the “mean,” the middle or balance point, and he was right.  We strengthened in ourselves, and in the foundation of our love through this lesson.

Because of my well developed spiritual abilities, I am also aware of our connection on the spiritual plane, and some of the blessings we facilitate for the world and for each other spiritually.  From a higher spiritual standpoint, at the time we were learning this lesson physically, we were also working at both the physical and spiritual levels to help us each be stronger and more sovereign in ourselves so we can fulfill our individual and mutual paths better. We were strengthening in our warrior selves so we could better anchor our love, and bless each other and the world.

If we allow it, this “Higher Love Affair” keeps us growing in love on the physical plane, and helps us work through the tough lessons with our precious love in tact and stronger. Consciously turning challenges and fears over to the Higher Love between you and your beloved will help you heal in the ways necessary and lift you through whatever encumbers the sweet and sacred flow of devotion between you.

What I often see when I work with clients in support of creating or nurturing a soulmate relationship is that the soulmates are already “married” on the spiritual plane.  There exists a “Divine Marriage” between them, even if they have not yet found each other.  Though this marriage exists whether the relationship is manifested physically or not, it grows in response to the growth of the individuals, and of the love when it comes into form physically.  It has a sort of symbiotic relationship with its physical expression.

The “Divine Marriage” exists first, and is created, in part, to support the manifestation of the love on the physical plane.  Those of us who have been longing for a soulmate, have felt that “Divine Marriage” many times.  It is innate to the yearning.  It is part of the magnetic pull and the drive that is expressed from the heavenly realms to help us create it.

We can work with this powerful truth actively to help us create the relationship of our dreams by welcoming it into us, letting it “speak” to us, teach us its vocabulary and help us transform in the ways we need to transform in order to manifest this exquisite and potent love.  Embrace the Divine Marriage or Higher Love Affair, feel it, celebrate it, honor it, listen to it, rejoice in it, express it, physically respond to it and trust it.  It has a life and truth of its own, and it’s deepest dream is to help us bring this great love into form.

Until next time, may you feel the Divine Marriage within you ever more deeply and joyfully.

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