Finding Your Soulmate – Post 8 – The Warrior Path

Greetings from “not-so-sunny” California.  This lovely March afternoon is wintry and grey, bringing us wisely into ourselves more deeply.  Please forgive my delay in writing.  I needed a little internal time.  (At the bottom of this posting, your will find resources to support yourself and others in deepening into love and wellbeing.)

Today, we will be exploring what I call “the Warrior Path” of soulmated love.  People sometimes ask me why I name both my blog and my upcoming book on the subject, “Song Of The Soulmate – A Love Warrior’s Guide.”  They wonder what being a warrior has to do with love.  From my perspective, it has a lot to do with it!

Soulmated love helps us to become more fully aligned with who we truly are.  It has the potential in all contexts, but especially with deep romantic love, to bring out the very best in us.  This is because, if we open, and genuinely respond to it, soulmated love amplifies, gives voice to and strengthens our souls.  It makes it easier for our souls to create lives that express and support “the best we can be.”

For this to optimally take shape for us, we must be courageous enough to transform in response to the growth this great love stimulates.  As we’ve talked about, soulmated love demands truth.  It is “of truth,” so it CANNOT grow and exist in healthy ways without truth.

This means that to have this kind of love, we must be willing to face the hard issues; embrace both our frailties and our beauty; be honest with ourselves and with our loved ones; and actively, progressively and regularly “clean ourselves up.”  True soulmated love cannot live when we hide from our own light, when we shield ourselves from love through giving too much power to pride or fear, or when we give in to the momentum of mediocrity, self-absorption and inertia.

The Warrior Path, as we have come to know it through mythology, (in its higher expression) is brave and heroic.  This great path, in the context of soulmated love, is equally so.

The Warrior Path is, in many ways, a narrow one, as it is the path that responds to, and leads us evermore deeply into, Truth.  It is a beacon, illuminating the night, that teaches us what it really means to love and be loved.  It is a stalwart, driving force that refines, strengthens, heals, ennobles and empowers us.

Truth is constant and unwavering.  It is “king” and has no sympathy for the false manipulations of the wounded ego.  The Warrior Path is its most diligent and devoted “knight!”  Its humble, life-long and dedicated servant!

The Warrior Path for each of us evolves as we evolve, and the greatness of deep soulmated love is both a blessed recipient of its devotion and the source of its sustenance and very life itself.

Our souls know how to walk this great path.  By simply choosing truth and deeper love, we are choosing, and venturing boldly forward upon the Warrior Path.  This great, fierce, gorgeous and glorious path IS the path to great soulmated love, and as well, to a magical and soul-fulfilling life.

May your Warrior Path be rich with joy, grace, beauty, abundance and miracles.

Following are ways you may support yourself and others loving more deeply:

***Heart & Soul Food – a powerful weekly phone opportunity to connect spiritually, tap into my strength with love and prayer, and establish momentum for the creation of your dreams.  Heart & Soul Food supports soulmate relationships, sacredness in love and life, abundant flow, health, spiritual alignment and wellbeing.  Thursday evenings, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. PST.  Fee discounted to $60 per month.  Email:

***Soul Deep Love – Intensive Healing Program –  A series of 5 private hour and a half long phone sessions to support creating and/or nurturing soulmated relationships, healing, overall wellbeing, personal empowerment, abundant flow and spiritual strength.  Series discounted to $350. (You save $100.)  Email:

***Soul Deep Love – Teleconference Call Workshop Series A 4 workshop weekly phone course that supports all aspects the soulmate relationship journey, and strengthens the heart and spiritual core, positively impacting all aspects of life.  Tuesday evenings, 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. PST, March 29, and April 5, 12, and 19. Special rate of $80 for the series.  Email:

*******SCHOLARSHIP FUND – Support other’s quests for greater love and wellbeing by contributing any amount to my SCHOLARSHIP FUND.  This allows me to offer more pro-bono work, something for which there is currently a great need.  Email:

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