Opening To Higher Love And Heart

Welcome to my blog!!  I am thrilled to be sharing with you in this magical, and often challenging, journey into deeper, Higher Love!!  My own process of growth in love continues (almost with each breath I take) to reveal itself to me, to consistently unfold, and to devotedly assist me in lovingly expanding in Heart, Mind, Body and Soul.  As you read this blog, you may notice that I will often capitalize words such as Love, Heart, Soul, etc., when it may be technically unnecessary to do so.  I do this out of reverence for the sacredness with which I experience their gifts.  Below are some tools and insights that have been helpful to me, and to my clients, in creating more openness in Heart and Sacredness in Love.  I hope they will be for you, too.

The key to creating Higher, or greater and more Sacred Love, is found through the consistent, diligent and courageous development of the Heart.  In fact, it is my belief, that therein lies the key to fulfillment in all areas!!!  With the Heart wisely, and solidly, at the helm, there are very few dreams that cannot be realized!  YEAH!

The Heart, like any muscle, strengthens and becomes more adept with regular focused attention.  Higher Love, a deeper, more Sacred and Soul-centered Love, is a capacity that we all have the ability to create, nourish and experience through developing our Hearts.  Nurturing within us this precious capacity for both experiencing and expressing Higher Love beautifully transforms all aspects of our lives as they shift to respond to more fully meet and reflect the force of this great, flowering, capacity for Love.  We do this by working more consciously to establish a relationship with our Hearts, and through conscious support, we allow them to strengthen.  The Heart itself will teach us what we need to know to work with it with increased consciousness.

The potential of the Heart is BOUNDLESS AND EVER-EVOLVING!!  It’s miraculous, all-powerful Divine essence will passionately keep us moving, more and more completely, into Higher Love in response to our receptivity, readiness, courage and willingness. Our Hearts know that the resplendent, yet often demanding, Path of Higher or Sacred Love most directly leads us to the wellspring of Joy, Abundance, Truth, Peace and Love of which we dream.  They will keep leading us boldly forward if we allow them to do so.

May the great and wondrous Love within your glorious Heart shine with ever more brilliance each moment!!

Following are some tools for further developing the Heart:

1.     First of all, value it more. We have learned to minimize, ignore, belittle, distrust, and squish our precious hearts as part of letting our wounded sense of self run the show. Recognizing its value, instantly opens you significantly to its expression. Love it. Nurture it.

2.     Let your Heart begin communicating more directly to you. Ask it questions, and open to receive the answers. Let it help you make decisions. Until you develop your interpretive muscle more, it helps at first to ask in yes or no questions. A “yes” answer usually feels open, positive and expansive in your body, a “no” answer, usually feels more constrictive, tense, maybe anxious. (Though, sometimes the ego can trick us, and we may feel constriction as a fear-based reaction. The more you grow in yourself, and in your relationship with your Heart, the more you will develop the skill of understanding where the feelings come from and how to respond in a healthy way.)

3.     Feed your darling heart also by seeking beauty; resting more and supporting your body and inner being; exposing yourself to nourishing experiences – uplifting music, books, movies, caring time with loved ones, etc.; expressing love freely and courageously; and connecting with nature.  (Things that bring you joy, nourish and/or inspire you and make you feel more connected and in-tune.)

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