Honoring The Sacredness of Love

It is a cool, rainy, internal Sunday morning which unfolds for me ripe with gratitude, and tender appreciation.  It is the birthday of my ex-husband, a sweet, good, generous, wise, devoted and witty man.  A man, whom I am deeply happy to say, is still my close and precious friend, even within the parameters of divorce.

After many years of a joyful, loving marriage, our paths began to diverge, simply because we were moving into deeper self truth.  We still loved each other immensely.  That did not change.  It remained, and remains, constant.  Yet, as we both became more aware of the inner callings of our individual hearts at that time, it was inescapably apparent that the paths we were to walk in response to these callings were separate.  They were no longer entwined.  We had completed what we were to do as a couple, and our new lives had begun.

We worked hard, through the often agonizing and rocky crags of divorcing after nearly 20 years, to do our very best to preserve the sacredness of the bond between us.  We were not perfect.  Far from it.  But, even through our pain and fumbling, we stayed true to the fact that the love and friendship between us is a sacred and eternal gift.  It was merely taking new shape in this ever-evolving world.

I have been blessed in my life to love many soulmates.  Each one supporting the growth of my being in unique and invaluable ways. Most are not romantic partnerships, yet each teaches and betters me, helping me to align more completely and skillfully with the Divine Presence, with my Soul, and with my Higher Self and Path.

My ex-husband is one of my most important loves.  We joined hearts and lives when we were both very young.  We grew up together, and grew together.  Even in our youth, our hearts new that our souls had a mutual purpose to fulfill.  We were made more whole through honoring that purpose, and we are made more whole through continuing to honor its sacredness.  He is an indelible, blessed part of who I have become, and who I am becoming.

I wish you joy, peace, love and prosperity on your birthday and always, dear. Thank you for blessing me so.

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