One of the greatest joys of my life is that the Holy Ones use me to help soulmates come together, grow together and stay together!  They use me to make it easier for others to experience, create and express deeper levels of love and heart in all areas.  This suits my insatiably romantic nature to a tee.  I embark upon this resplendent blogging journey greatly moved and honored!!  Thank you for joining me.

It is my belief that the power, beauty and magic of higher love has thus far been largely untapped.  Yet, it is through the bold navigation of the watery hazards of sacredness in love that we may truly find ourselves!  That we may fulfill our destinies, create our dreams, find the peace, truth, love and joy we hunger for, and that we may, as well, align more wholly with our precious spiritual essence, and thus with Divinity.

It is also through the ever-evolving manifestation – in love, compassion and truth – of soulmated love, and of more sacredness in all our relationships, that we most directly support our collective evolution by creating stronger, clearer channels for Grace and Divinity to be “physically present.”  As we might imagine, this makes it easier for all of us to “FEEL THE LOVE!!”

My prayerful intention in the creation of this blog is that it will be a dynamic vehicle through which the miraculous, irrepressible blessing of Higher Love and Heart may be more widely and firmly anchored – for each of us as individuals and for our beloved World.

I pray that it will offer wisdom, comfort, insight, tools, resources, and humor in ways that will truly feed and support your precious Heart and the bountiful creation of its deepest dreams!!