Love For And From Those Who Have Passed On

Today is a holiday.  One that I had never celebrated that actively, except as a child.  It is Halloween, or as some honor it, The Day Of The Dead.  The darker aspects that have often been attached to Halloween have caused me to shy away from fully embracing the gifts of this time.  My ignorance kept me from growing in this area.

Thank Heaven for one of my dearest, most beautiful friends, Melissa!  Her heritage is partly Mexican American, and she was raised with a broader knowledge about, and a deeper respect for, the sacred purpose underlying this holiday.  I am so grateful to have finally opened my eyes, and though there are many levels of understanding in absorbing the greatness of the essential truths honored in this time, I want to share some of what I have learned thus far about life and death and love that I now realize are celebrated in this time – if we are wise and open enough.

I have had experience myself with death – near death – as a teenager.  (In another post, I will share more about that actual experience.)  In my healing and prayer work, I have also experienced the connection between the Souls of the client I am working with and the loved one who has departed.  The love between them remains constant, and we can open to the beauty of that truth.

Lets look at this  more carefully.  The relationship between a client and their loved one who has passed on has changed in physical terms.  They can no longer share a meal together, chat on the phone or walk side by side.  It is natural to miss this, and to grieve these changes.  It is healthy and important to honor that process for ourselves, to not ignore it, stuff it, minimize it, or project it.  When we have gotten more to the other side of the grieving process, or perhaps interspersed throughout the process, it is also healthy to open up to the higher love between you which continues to exist, and to grow.

Here’s how I work with it.  The key truth that I have learned, during my near-death experience, in my own spiritual practice, and with my work in support of others, is that Love is everywhere and everything! It is omnipresent. It is eternal.  It is our essence, our nature, the breath and blood in our bodies, every organ, every fiber, every cell.  It is all of the natural world. It is all of the spiritual world.  It is all that we are.  If we boiled ourselves down, we would be love.

I also learned that love never dies.  And love, even if not reciprocated, is always a gift:  a blessing for the lover, for the lovee, for the world, and for the Heavenly realms.  Everything in Life is to help us go more and more deeply into our capacities to love and to be loved, allowing us to strengthen and refine those skills. Everything is to help us better experience and express love, so we may become Love.

From a more religious standpoint, you could also say, that everything is God or Mother/Father God or the Great Spirit or Spirit, etc. – whatever term and ideology resonates for you – and God is Love.  Everything that happens in life is to bring us more deeply into understanding of and communion with God or Love.

When a clear enough channel of grace is created through love and heart, we can feel the loving presence of those who have departed, especially if we welcome them.  When we are open to them, the love and blessings they hold for us always can come into us more easily because we are more receptive.

Though souls continue to evolve when they are not longer on the physical plane, most also make part of their soul available to watch over, comfort and support the ones they loved most dearly.  It blesses them in their continued evolution, and it blesses those still alive.  My experience with this has felt very precious, sacred and beautiful.  Facilitating these beatific moments humbles and blesses me, and furthers the growth of my heart.

In a little over 3 and one half years, I have lost two platonic Soulmates of mine, whom I loved more than I can say.  I still feel their presence, love, support, guidance, protection and wisdom lovingly watching over me – especially when I open to them.  I lost my precious Father first, a little over 3 and one half years a go, and this past February, I lost one of my very best friends.  Following this message is first a poem that I wrote in honor of my Father through my grief after he died, and then a sort of tribute/eulogy that I wrote for my friend, Max, and read at his funeral.  It is an honor to share them with you on this day of honoring, and opening to, the love of our ancestors.  It blessed me to write them.  I hope they will bless you, too.

I encourage you – not only today, but every day you can – to embrace and further open your hearts to those in your life whom you are close to and have passed over so the copious flow of their love for you may enter you more deeply and support you more fully.  Their Love and radiant Souls are with you, waiting only for the door to open wider.

Thank you for honoring my loved ones by sharing in this writing with me today.  Blessings and love to all our ancestors.


For Daddy (William T. Perreault)

4/17/31 – 2/25/07

By Michele DeMoulin

This time

Without your voice

In my ears

Without your presence

In my sight

Without the steady, glorious stream

Of your humor

Your advice

Your tenderness

Brings with it a wealth

Of formidable

Yet rich


And with it, too

The growing awareness

That you have merely

Taken on new form

In my heart

And in my consciousness

Protecting, comforting and supporting me still

Illuminating and clearing my way

In life

Your Spirit ran free

In the Graces of the Natural World

And again

It is Nature

Which, as in life

Embodies for me

The radiance

Of your Being

Most strongly

In the rhythmic pulse

Of the sparkling waves

I see your face

in the gentle, summer breeze

I feel your touch

In the deep, warm scent of pine

I smell you

In the sweet and musical rippling

Of the river’s flow

I hear your voice

In the salty ocean mist

I taste you

And in the stalwart force

Of the ancient redwood trees

I come to know your true strength

As we hike together in Heart

Reveling in the beauty and power

of our treasured ocean park

I further grieve

And commune with you

An Eagle circles above my head

Clear in presence and intention

And you are One with it

And it with you

The Joy of your Soul

Boundless and unrestrained

Teaching me

Of your omnipresence

Your Light

And the miracle of your New Life

And once I have learned deeply enough

The lessons so majestically imparted

You soar

In Eagle form

Into the distance

And you lovingly let fly for me

A single feather from your tail

To remind me

That you are with me


Even in your Flight

Max Coon

4/25/37 – 2/9/10

By Michele DeMoulin

I met Max Coon almost 7 years ago. He came into my life like a burst of sunlight, a beacon which, it seemed, only grew in brightness with each breath I took. Though our relationship began professionally, the bond between us was sacred, strong and undeniable from the start. We became fast and enduring friends.

Max entered my life at a time when my dear father was beginning to near the end of his. His emphysema was markedly worsening, and my heart was breaking – over and over – as I watched him suffer slowly.

Max had my back.  He comforted me, held my hand through it, and supported me in more ways than I know, while I did all I could for my father, watched him go, and gradually began recovering from the strain, loss and grief.

Max Coon is, by my definition, a great man.  True greatness is not measured by stature, by wealth or accomplishments, by recognition or influence. Max certainly has accomplished much and influenced many. But true greatness is marked by the depth of one’s Heart, by one’s ability to unconditionally love, and to courageously, fearlessly be a vehicle for Love. Few in this world love as purely or steadfastly as our dear Max.

From the moment I came into his bountiful presence, Max Coon stole my heart, and gave me his a thousand fold. His warmth, his light, his beauty, and his love, are indelibly imprinted in my soul. He has taught me how to better love, and to be more fully true to the path of my own Heart. I am more, in every way, because of him.

His greatness of Heart remains for us, as a model, a resource, a protection, a strength – a light, ennobling our way. I will miss him every day and love him every eternal second.

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