Love Within And Around

A new year – a new time – has begun as we enter the graces of 2012. Whether it seems non-existant in the news or political propaganda or the challenges of day-to-day life in this period of profound growth for all, we have moved into a more solid embodiment of Love.

Some of us may be feeling extra sensitive, purifying and clearing at deep levels, and even going through very challenging things.  Yet the Love of the Divine realms is more solidly within us, and growing!  More so than we, as human beings, have ever experienced, and this is only the beginning.

As we grow in our our hearts; as we work through our challenges; as we relax into it; as we pray and open; as we surrender into Love, Joy, Beauty and Peace, the more fully this powerful Divine Love within will integrate.  Our minds often choose to obsess about what is familiar – no matter how unpleasant it may be, to seek to control and push away the good . . . odd as that may sound.  It is, in general, how we have learned to protect ourselves and navigate through life. It has been basically the human condition . . . up to this point.

The relentless intrusion of cataclysmic doomsday predictions about this year, as well as our tendencies to obsess about them, are part of this human propensity to reject and run from the good.  They are fear-based, not aligned with Truth and Light, not aligned with Love.  They only harm us if we embrace them, and congest our flow in moving more fully into Love.

We are all growing as we learn to align more purely with Divine Love, and tough things may happen to help us get there.  Yet all is held in grace!  What has been before has no bearing on what is now, and what is to come as we learn to “become” love.

The best thing we can do to support ourselves, our loved ones, our environment and the gentle, healthy, happy evolution into Love of all of Life, is to actively work to let go of our fears and need to control with the mind, and turn our sights to the Love and Beauty that is within us and all around!  We need to let ourselves open to receive the Good, to grow through the power of this Love – perhaps even feeling like a young child at times, fumbling and finding our way in this new world that is being born within and around us.

This glorious time of greater oneness with Divine Love and Light is birthing THROUGH US, through all of life itself, all peoples, creatures, locations and environments.  Its luminous and powerful seeds are now solidly implanted within us and rapidly growing! How glorious, how wondrous, how exciting!! Our job is to be brave and committed enough to let go of the old that is suffocating and crippling us.  It is definitely not serving us, especially now.

When our fears and limited mental processes are released, or brought into healthy balance, these omnipotent seeds of Love will be freer to fully embody us and transform our lives, and the world, into resonance with it.  We just need to get out of our own ways!!

My commitment as I enter this new time dancing with Joy, Gratitude and Anticipation, is to love myself, my dear ones, our environment and all of life with every beat of my heart, and to boldly learn to release all that is not in alignment with love from my consciousness and behaviors.  I welcome you to join me in this commitment, and will hold you in my heart as partner in this!  If you wish to let me know of your pledge by name, you may do so through specifying in a comment or a contribution with your information through my donation button in the right side bar.Love is what will change and ennoble our world, and we are the facilitators for this, the channels through which it lives, activates and blesses!  Be my partner in this, and lets see how quickly this world can transform!!

Love be with you!

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