Happy New Year, Everyone!!!  I hope that your holidays were filled with light, joy, beauty, love and magic!  Please forgive my delay in posting on this blog.  I was away for a couple weeks, resting a bit and focusing on nurturing heart with my precious family!  How blessed we all are to have family love  –  in all its many shapes and forms.

As I tune into it thus far, the potential for this new year feels extraordinarily powerful to me, rich in beauty, depth, abundance, wellbeing and love.  It won’t be free of challenge.  We are all still growing, purifying and preparing for great things, but the force of love and joy feels palpably strong!!!  Each challenge, and each joyful blessing this year, will gift us with that which we need to align with our light and flourish in this miraculous new time!

The new year is a perfect opportunity to take stock, assess values, sharpen focus, release what doesn’t serve, fine-tune priorities, welcome insights, change unhealthy behaviors, open to the new and energize dreams.  The more consciousness we bring to this, the more success we have in creating what we desire.

One of my most important “resolutions” for this new year is to learn even more about loving.  I want to learn more about “my loving,” how I give and receive love, and how I can do both better.  I want to learn more about embracing opportunities to better love and be loved.  I want to learn more about surrendering into love.  I want to learn more ways that my loving can be of blessing to others and to our world.  I want to learn more about God’s Love and Its limitless Grace, unequaled Power and eternal Beauty.  I want to be a pure vehicle for love in ever-evolving ways.  This are my prayers for love this year, and the intentions I have offered up to assist me in creating them.

One thing that helps me in going deeper with my loving is to do my best to remember that Love is omnipresent.  It is everywhere, and everything!  It is our breath, and the very fibers of our beings!!  Life is Love!

It isn’t always easy to remember this, or to understand how it factors into day-to-day life; however, if we keep going back to that Truth, if we keep reminding ourselves that we are Love – whether we understand the magnitude of it or not – our hearts expand.  We feel love better, take it into us more fully and thus it can bless us. The minutia of daily struggles, conflicts or concerns weigh upon us less when we feel love. It broadens our perspectives, and that changes things externally, at least with time.

I find that if I am having a problem with someone, or even something, it is almost always beautifully and often “magically” resolved when I turn it over to love or heart.  Doing so helps me see the big picture, shake off my ego issues, diffuse the anger or pain, understand their perspective, learn the lessons present for me more easily, be kinder and more loving and feel more peace. Things change dramatically for the positive.

Love truly is in us and all around us.  With our “monkey minds” or our wounded senses of self that usually run the show, we simply get desensitized to it.  So, our hearts, and thus our souls, have more difficulty helping us create and support our lives through love, which is where our happiness lies.  Actively remembering that we are Love supports our souls so we can be happier, even if we do so only periodically.

Let’s all cut our hearts and souls a break, and move into this new year regularly reminding ourselves that we are Love, and all of creation is Love!

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