My deepest intention with all my offerings is on being a pure vehicle for the miraculous and limitless power of Love to heal, transform, uplift, bless, strengthen, empower, protect and educate.  Following are some of my offerings:

Transformational Healing –  This gentle, dynamic process supports deeper love and truth in relationships, fortification of body systems, healing of old wounds, emotional and mental health, spiritual strength, alignment with path, personal empowerment and overall well being.  Transformational Healing may be experienced in hands-on healing sessions or by phone, custom-fit to meed your needs, ideology, goals and budget.  Two intensive healing programs with specific emphasis are also offered:  “Soul Deep Love” and “Living As Light Beings”

Spiritual and Intuitive Counseling and Communication –  This powerful aspect of higher vibrational healing is a form of channeling and communing with the Divine Presence.  Through the openness in my heart, and the openness in yours, we bring through love, healing, guidance, transcendence, grace and blessing.  This work may be incorporated into a healing session, or done separately.

I do not consider myself a psychic.  The emphasis in this work is not only on the information, but primarily on the healing, blessing and ennoblement that the Holy Ones transmit.  It is a beatific and sacred experience for which I am greatly honored to be a facilitator.

Educational Resources – I offer two primary educational programs:  “Healing With Love” and “Soul Deep Love.” Please see the corresponding page on this blog for more details.

Ministerial Services –  I am an inter-faith minister, founded in the teachings of the ancient Essene Brethren.  This honor is a great, unfolding blessing for me.  With ministry as well, my work is heart-centered and soulful, offering weddings with a specialization in Soulmates, ministerial counseling, baptisms, funeral services, and other forms of sacred ceremony.