Finding Your Soulmate – Post 2


Love and warm greetings to you on this “magically delicious” winter afternoon.  It is a sunny, grace-filled day here in California, The air feels ripe to me with magic, love and power.  The full moon last night amplifies the strength of our abilities to create the dreams of our hearts.  So lets get busy with our active dreaming.

This is the second posting in our month-long series devoted to supporting us in finding the soulmate we seek for long-term, romantic partnership.  The ideas presented over this month will also provide support for deepening in love in existing relationships, if you have already found your partner, or are not looking for one at this time.

In Post 1, we talked about the fact that our soulmates have vibrational characteristics in their souls that match with our own – some more than others – and that the resonance created strengthens our souls, and helps us be happier, healthier and more empowered in life.  Today we will talk about the underlying magnetic forces present in soulmate love.


To draw our soulmates to us, even if we have not yet met in this lifetime, we can also use the power of this soul resonance, that is present between soulmates, to help us further clear the pathway so we may find each other more easily.  So lets look at that more closely.

There is a very powerful magnetic pull between soulmates.  This is a feature of the soul resonance we are talking about.  Our souls ABSOLUTELY HUNGER to freely and passionately express the wealth of Love that is their essence; to express who we truly are, everything that makes us beautiful!  When we are with soulmates, when there is “resonance,” our souls can exercise and express our vast, untapped capacities for love, and all the myriad and gorgeous forms reflected within it.

The ferociously intense drive in our souls to express their love in this world and create happiness for us may be better understood if we look at a partial parallel with the body.  Think about what it feels like for our bodies to be profoundly out of shape and yearning for better health.  Imagine we haven’t exercised for a year and been living on coffee, cigarettes and fast food.  If we were honest with ourselves, what would our bodies be communicating to us.  “Take care of me!  Exercise me!!  Feed me properly!!!  Let me be everything I can be!!!!”

For the most part, our souls – though unwaveringly compassionate and patient with our frailties – feel stifled and imprisoned by our lack of sensitivity to them through being closed in our hearts.  They feel like screaming, “TAKE CARE OF ME!  EXERCISE ME!! FEED ME PROPERLY!!! LET ME BE EVERYTHING I CAN BE!!!!

Soulmates are gifts from God, or the Universe, or the Divine Intelligence (whatever term resonates for you).  They are sacred gifts to feed our souls and make it easier for them to be everything they can be.

The Magnetic Pull between soulmates may aptly be thought of as the quintessential resonance between them infused with the fiery passion of the soul’s longing to fully express its love.  Needless to say, this is a indefinably, powerful force!!  It is a significant part of the attraction, of the pull to be together all the time, or stay together even if it isn’t working well.  In finding your soulmate, you can also use the magnetic pull with consciousness to help you find each other.

One way to do this is, to the best of your ability, actively and regularly tap into this state of resonance that you share with your love (through your imagination, your heart, your spirituality), and also open in your heart and soul to the fire within you to express your love to a beloved of like vibration, and to express it in general.

These feelings often overlap, flow into and are fed by the others; so, it is okay if it is hard to distinguish just where the feelings come from. That doesn’t matter.  The primary idea here is to go deep – deeper and deeper really.  To support your soul in expressing its loving, and to allow your heart to feel the resonant connection with your beloved, is an unfolding, and ever-evolving experience.  It is multi-dimensional and greater than we can fully understand.  Let your heart lead you in this.  Go beyond the mind, or the ego, or the fear, or limiting judgments, and embrace the wise resonant, magnetic fire within your soul, and between you and your beloved. It may feel scary to do this, but there is no reason to be afraid.  Your beautiful Soul knows the way, and will gently, yet firmly support you.  You’re in good hands!

Till next time, may the Love of your great Soul shine with ever more joy and brilliance each moment.

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Finding Your Soulmate – Post 1

Hello Everybody,

Hope that you are well and that this new year is unfolding for you with limitless joy, beauty, abundance, love and magic.  It has been for me, and I feel inexpressibly blessed and grateful!!

It is less than a month until Valentine’s Day, and seems like the perfect time to launch a month long series of blog entries devoted to finding, or drawing to one, a true romantic Soulmate.  Our emphasis will be on long-term romantic partnership – The One – so to speak!

Many of the keys, thoughts and tools that we will be addressing will be useful also for deepening existing relationships of all levels, or drawing to one soulmates who may be short-term or long-term and platonic, both meant to help us grow but not be romantic partners. Work with the pieces of this month long “program” (and tweak it for yourself accordingly, if necessary) that work for you and what you currently wish to create for yourself.  Let’s start with getting a common vocabulary about this very complex and gorgeous subject.


A soulmate is someone with whom our soul shares similar vibrational characteristics.  These “similarities” create a resonance when we are with that person, or even connect at an emotional/spiritual level over distance.  That is partly why it usually feels so good to be with them or to think of them.  We are more whole in ourselves through this resonance, and that is, obviously, both empowering and joyful!

These similarities at a soul level may not always be readily seen when the connection is looked at more superficially.  Sometimes the differences may be more glaringly apparent than the similarities.  (Differences in soulmate relationships are often there to help the soulmates to balance, heal or grow, and usually teach us a great deal.  We will talk more about this in future blogs.)  However, if we look at it more carefully, or look at what deep, central lessons it may be teaching us about ourselves, we may be able to see the flow and purpose of the connection more clearly.

Being with your soulmate doesn’t mean you find an exact replica of yourself.  (How boring would that be!)  It means you find someone who amplifies and resonates with the most important aspects of who you truly are.  Someone who brings you to your personal truth and brings out the very best in you – even if it is challenging and takes a while to get there.


In addition to simply feeling great, the resonance is actually a very powerful gift and tool for us in being more fully who we are, and thereby, having happier, healthier, more successful and dynamic lives.  It also, for this reason, helps us to more easily and directly fulfill our life purpose!

It is a great gift from Divinity – for both of the soulmates and for the world!  This powerful resonance also creates a clearer channel for the flow of Divine Love to be more solidly present in this world, and thus for the magic that the Divine Presence perpetually holds for each of us to unfold more freely into our lives!  (more on this later in this “program”)

For example, we can probably see how resonance in general works when we look at the difference in doing a project with co-workers with whom there are common temperaments or a sense of connection as opposed to co-workers where this is a dissonance and conflicting styles.  Resonance creates flow.

When we are with people whose souls match up with ours to any significant degree, it is like our souls can see and feel themselves more clearly in this world and thus create a more fertile environment for expressing its beauty in our lives.  It amplifies our souls’ natures – their wisdom, radiance, gifts and magic – and it gives them power in creating our lives in ways that are not only happier, but significantly more dynamic and true for us.  The key word when describing how soulmates bless us, clearly, is RESONANCE!!

That concludes our blog for today.  Join us for the next installment later this week!  I invite you to tap into that “resonant” place within you, that place you may have shared with other soulmates, or that you have dreamt of sharing with one, and let it flow within you as completely and regularly as you can!!  Reveling in this sacred place of resonance within yourself will help you find your beloved, and help your beloved find you!!  We’ll talk more about all this later.  Till next time!

Blessings of Soulmated love for you!

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Happy New Year, Everyone!!!  I hope that your holidays were filled with light, joy, beauty, love and magic!  Please forgive my delay in posting on this blog.  I was away for a couple weeks, resting a bit and focusing on nurturing heart with my precious family!  How blessed we all are to have family love  –  in all its many shapes and forms.

As I tune into it thus far, the potential for this new year feels extraordinarily powerful to me, rich in beauty, depth, abundance, wellbeing and love.  It won’t be free of challenge.  We are all still growing, purifying and preparing for great things, but the force of love and joy feels palpably strong!!!  Each challenge, and each joyful blessing this year, will gift us with that which we need to align with our light and flourish in this miraculous new time!

The new year is a perfect opportunity to take stock, assess values, sharpen focus, release what doesn’t serve, fine-tune priorities, welcome insights, change unhealthy behaviors, open to the new and energize dreams.  The more consciousness we bring to this, the more success we have in creating what we desire.

One of my most important “resolutions” for this new year is to learn even more about loving.  I want to learn more about “my loving,” how I give and receive love, and how I can do both better.  I want to learn more about embracing opportunities to better love and be loved.  I want to learn more about surrendering into love.  I want to learn more ways that my loving can be of blessing to others and to our world.  I want to learn more about God’s Love and Its limitless Grace, unequaled Power and eternal Beauty.  I want to be a pure vehicle for love in ever-evolving ways.  This are my prayers for love this year, and the intentions I have offered up to assist me in creating them.

One thing that helps me in going deeper with my loving is to do my best to remember that Love is omnipresent.  It is everywhere, and everything!  It is our breath, and the very fibers of our beings!!  Life is Love!

It isn’t always easy to remember this, or to understand how it factors into day-to-day life; however, if we keep going back to that Truth, if we keep reminding ourselves that we are Love – whether we understand the magnitude of it or not – our hearts expand.  We feel love better, take it into us more fully and thus it can bless us. The minutia of daily struggles, conflicts or concerns weigh upon us less when we feel love. It broadens our perspectives, and that changes things externally, at least with time.

I find that if I am having a problem with someone, or even something, it is almost always beautifully and often “magically” resolved when I turn it over to love or heart.  Doing so helps me see the big picture, shake off my ego issues, diffuse the anger or pain, understand their perspective, learn the lessons present for me more easily, be kinder and more loving and feel more peace. Things change dramatically for the positive.

Love truly is in us and all around us.  With our “monkey minds” or our wounded senses of self that usually run the show, we simply get desensitized to it.  So, our hearts, and thus our souls, have more difficulty helping us create and support our lives through love, which is where our happiness lies.  Actively remembering that we are Love supports our souls so we can be happier, even if we do so only periodically.

Let’s all cut our hearts and souls a break, and move into this new year regularly reminding ourselves that we are Love, and all of creation is Love!

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Working With The “Magic”

Here we are, in this sometimes crazy-busy Holiday Season — juggling family responsibilities, seasonal tasks, year-end duties, finals, work, travel, friends, events, shopping, cooking, gift giving, health, etc.  At times, we may feel compressed, irritable, exhausted and overwhelmed by the seemingly relentless demands!!

It helps me, when feeling like this, to look at the bigger picture, to broaden my perspective, and open to a new way of being with it all. I hope it will help you, too.

As I addressed a bit in my Thanksgiving gratitude post, there is an increase, and heightened influx, of Light and Love, which begins mid-November, and is showered upon us – more and more intensively – as we move toward “The Coming Of The Light,” which is represented by Christmas, the Winter Solstice and the New Year. It lasts through mid-January, though it peaks from Solstice to the New Year.

This is a blessed gift from the Divine Presence – a sort of Christmas gift for all of us, if you will!! It is given to us at this time to help us evolve into Love and Joy more quickly and easily.

Though the intensity that is created by all the activities and demands of the Holiday Season may make us feel less spiritually connected or joyful if we focus on the difficulty of it, the gift of the intensity is that it can also create in us a sharper, clearer, more-refined pathway for Grace to help us transform.

Why?  Because it forces us out of our safer, more familiar, and usually very limiting, psychological rut (that unwittingly shapes our lives) through pushing us forward. We simply don’t have time to wallow in our personal mire as much, and this is a great thing!  When we get out of our own ways, Grace can enter, and the Truth of Life becomes more real, and vital, for us! We have the  opportunity to transform, and to thus transform our lives!!

We can make the most of this “Divine Christmas Gift” by embracing the Grace showered unto us. We can still move quickly, and complete our myriad responsibilities, while we also open our hearts (and souls and minds and bodies) to the influx of Love and Light. There is “Magic” in the air, and we can create positive change for ourselves and our loved ones by welcoming it into our lives.

We welcome it first, through awareness (recognizing that it is there for us); second through willingness (opening to its presence and being willing to grow); and third, through responsiveness (learning what it is teaching us, changing when necessary, feeling the beauty of it, and joyfully receiving the good that comes).

Whatever it is we are wanting for ourselves, and for those whom we love, as we go forward into this new year, we have a clearer pathway for creating through actively working with this outpouring of Grace!! We are being given a wealth of Divine support over this time to help us create it! How fabulous is that!!  It is sort of like having a legion of Angels at your disposal to help you “get the job done!!”

What do you want to transform — in yourself, in your life, in your work, in your finances, for your family? What do you want to create?  What do you hunger for?  How would you like your life to be different in this coming year? Take a few moments to get clear on this, and hold it in your heart, mind and vision as best you can as you navigate through the busyness. Make your “wishes,” and let the Holy Ones work Their Magic for you.  You just have to give your permission, be clear about what you want and get on board with openness and intention!

Those of you who are drawn to read this blog, and I, myself, in writing it, believe in the Greatness of Love! Part of what WE hunger for is to continue growing in Love, and increasing the depth, regularity and sacredness of Love in our lives.

What a great intention to have for this holy time!!  What a powerful gift it is — for ourselves, for those whom we love and for the world — to unabashedly and whole-heartedly embrace our Loving!

I say let’s open to the miracle of this season, boldly and happily accept this beautiful Truth about ourselves, and courageously allow Grace to reshape shape our lives in resonance with it!  Imagine how your new year will look with more and greater Love in it!

I’m going for it!  Hope you are, too!!

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Passion, Power, Devotion

As I open myself to write this entry, my heart feels full with rich, diverse, and sometimes conflicting emotion.  I am growing fast and furiously, which is how I like to grow.  I like to jump in – head-on – to lessons that present themselves, and do my best to push myself towards honoring that commitment if resistance arises.  I know that when lessons materialize, they are coming up to help me heal and overcome a block, or develop a necessary strength, so I can more freely, fully and dynamically express my beautiful soul, and the magical love and life within it. I’m happily hanging in through my growing pains.

What drew my attention when I looked around my room contemplating the subject matter for today’s post was a sumptuous picture of a tiger I had printed out from a website on animal totems.  We are within the Year of the Tiger in Chinese astrology, and when I stumbled across this page, I was moved to copy it and place it on my wall, along with a brief description of Tiger Medicine.

Tiger is one of my animal totems, I discovered, and many of the qualities identified in this description of Tiger Medicine resonated with me – mystical healing abilities, power through gentle flow, feminine energies, sensual, watery, passionate nature, working well at night, etc.

The heading on this page about Tiger Medicine reads:  “Passion, Power, Devotion.” As I today once more admired the photo and wise teaching words, it struck me more deeply how vital these beautiful qualities are in relationship.

These three words have, perhaps, a different connotation for each of us as they filter through our individual experiences.  There is our more superficial interpretation, and then there are many layers of deeper understanding about each quality.

I find that every truth in love reveals itself to me a little more deeply as I myself grow. So, as we explore deeper understanding of these qualities in relationship, it is good to also stay in touch with the fact that this is only a small piece of its truth, and of its truth for us as unique beings.

Passion – Out of all three of these words, this quality is perhaps the most limited in our collective superficial understanding.  In the area of relationship, we often associate it only with sexual attraction and intercourse.  Sexual passion, especially in a loving relationship, is wonderful, magical, energizing, empowering, life-affirming, fulfilling and glorious. . . . It is often a substantial part of a romantic soulmate relationship.  It is sometimes a big part of the attraction itself.  Yeah!!  I LOVE it.

Passion in non-sexual terms in relationship is also key to the health and longevity of a loving relationship, soulmate or otherwise.  How I look at it is that passion involves an openness to vitality. In a healthy relationship of any sort, if we stay in touch with the passion we feel – for them, for ourselves, for Divine Presence, for art, for life, for love, etc. – we stay in a truer, more aware, open and receptive state.

From this state, Grace can enter more completely, love and magic can express more actively, and our Souls are freer to create lives for ourselves that are more joyful and aligned with who we truly are, both as individuals and as couples.  Being open to the vitality and the magic of love and life helps us to have better relationships. Staying in touch with passion makes it easier to stay open.

It is not hard to see, also, that when we are open and receptive to the beauty of life, the pathway to our Hearts is clearer and our loved ones can more easily come to them.

Power – Our personal connotations with the word “Power” are most likely all over the map.  We each have our own sense of it.  It is used in so many contexts, and used both with positive reference and negative.

When I think of power in relationship, I think of the spiritual gift and purpose of it.  What is present, and also potential, when love is experienced with honor, sensitivity, care, tenderness and commitment. I think of it in the context of working with the love between us with wonder consciousness and compassion to fulfill its higher purpose, to bring out the very best in our loved ones and in ourselves.

Soulmate relationships often have a lot of power because they magnify our souls, and what we need to learn to better express them.  We can misuse the power by being manipulative, controlling, self-absorbed, ill-willed, etc., or we can rise to the occasion that this sort of great love offers us. We can choose the higher road, grow through the challenges, and become the beautiful being it is demanding of us.

Devotion – Devotion, too, has a deeper meaning than what we traditionally connote.  It is more than simply being faithful. I am coming to understand it with increasing clarity myself lately, and know, too, that there are yet many layers of its truth for me to explore.

My experience with devotion is that, in addition to faithfulness, it is an organic awareness of the higher truths of the love between myself and my beloved ones. It is a subtle, yet strong and steadfast, knowing that this love is eternal, and a tender, unwavering dedication to it.  An innate knowledge that regardless of the shape or form it may take on the physical plane, its true beauty and life remain constant.

It is also a conscious commitment to honoring that “knowingness,” a commitment which involves surrendering to faith in something greater between us and still being in touch with healthy needs and boundaries as human beings.

Devotion is an art that will be cultivated in our relationships if we become more aware of it and open to all it has to teach us. We can always go deeper in our experience of all these qualities, because they are inborn gifts of Love Itself, and Love is limitless.

Love is a boundless force teaching us more of Itself through Passion, Power and Devotion.

May the “FORCE” be with you!!!

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Deepening Love Through Gratitude

Thanksgiving is upon us!  It is hard to fathom that the year is almost at an end, and yet it is.  With the “hustle and bustle” of the holidays nagging at us, it is easy to lose sight of the deeper truths within them.

What gifts does the Thanksgiving holiday have for us?  Time with family or friends or loved ones or to be with oneself.  The opportunity to give to others in service.   Celebrating the rich harvest of life and love through feasting together.  Sharing our bounty with others.  And the opportunity to become more consciously, and actively, in touch with that for which we feel grateful. How beautiful all these gifts are, when we consider then in a broader way!

I’ve been thinking a lot more about gratitude of late.   And with each step I take in my own growth, I find myself being awed by yet another dimension of understanding with it revealing itself to me.

Gratitude is a tremendously powerful force!!  Much more so than I think we have learned thus far.  It is a dynamic gift that – when used with consciousness – helps us to root the inner beauty of our beings and the deeper wishes of our Hearts.

It makes sense that when we gather with loved ones for a holiday things go more smoothly, beautifully and joyfully if we deliberately choose to feel appreciative and grateful, rather than the other way around.  Choosing to set aside irritations, old resentments, judgments, anxious thoughts, worries, anger, remote hurts, etc., allows us to be more present with our dear ones, and present, as well, with how much we love them.  It allows us to see the good that is within them, rather than the not so good.

Feeling grateful is a blessing that sometimes comes naturally out of the beauty of a circumstance.  Yet, it is also a conscious choice that we can make.  Gratitude is a state that is more aligned with spiritual truth. It is a higher vibration than anger, worry, self-deprication, agitation, busy thoughts, etc., and so it helps us to be more true in who we are.  It helps us to be more deeply aligned with both our Souls, and with Divinity, so life can be created more beautifully and meaningfully.

In a nutshell, being grateful makes it easier for our lives to resonate with our deeper and more joyous selves. It creates a clearer pathway for good to come to us, and to those whom we love.  Being in the state of gratitude impacts all areas of life – health, success, spiritual purpose, creativity, abundance – and relationships!

When we choose to feel grateful for our loved one(s), it opens us up more fully to Grace, and it is then easier to get past the wounded ego issues, the false pride, the unhealthy patterns, and the fears of growth and intimacy, that are often so prevalent in our less healthy relationship patterns, and that are also, in truth, holding us back from what we truly want.  The unhealthy patterns absolutely do not serve us if we are genuinely wanting deeper and more sacred love!  There is no getting around it.

Gratitude helps us to stay more consistently in touch with what is truly important . . . the Love.  All that matters – in all things and in all ways – is the Love.  It is that simple and that glorious!  In our hearts, we know this.  We just forget.

Being consistently grateful (doing our best to get back on the horse, even if we fall off) helps us to remember this, and to let the magic within us take its wondrous shape in our lives and hearts.

May your Thanksgiving holiday be rich in Love, Grace and Gratitude!  Thank you for blessing us with your connection.

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“Soulmate” . . . The word may seem ubiquitous to some, nowadays.  In movies, in books, on TV, in daily conversation, etc., we find this, once considered almost shameful, superficial or taboo, term popping up.  Though you won’t find it in older dictionaries, it is in our current volumes, identifying a soulmate as “a person with whom one has a strong affinity.”  I agree with that assessment, and practically, it is a good, basic definition.  Yet, it is a dry, limp and lackluster description that barely grazes its true beauty.

Though many still toss the word around more casually or superficially than it deserves in a higher sense, I feel excited, heartened, and encouraged by the fact that we are becoming more cognizant of the presence and value of soulmates!  The fact that it is bleeding into daily life more substantially, means that it reflects the awakening of consciousness and the growth of our collective hearts.  It indicates that we are becoming more sensitive and responsive to the deeper aspects of our beings.

The soulmates that we are to love and learn from throughout our lives are imprinted in our Souls.  A sense of them is within us already.  In a higher sense, we already love them.  Almost all of us yearn to be with a true love, to have a deeply fulfilling connection with another, and often to have close kinship with true friends, too.  We hunger to express the love, power, joy and beauty in our souls; to become more completely who we are deep down.  Soulmates come to us to help our souls grow and become everything they are meant to be more quickly and easily.

Our soulmates have similar vibrational characteristics in their souls to ours.  Though, externally, that may be hard to see.  There may be marked differences.  But at a deeper level, there is resonance.  That is part of the strong attraction, and the unequaled power and gift of it.

Because our souls yearn to be a complete and perfect expression of themselves, to fulfill their purposes, and to joyfully embody the Love and Divinity breathing life into them, we are drawn to those who have similar vibrational characteristics.  When we are with a soulmate, it is somewhat like seeing a mirror of our own soul, at least, again, in a deeper way.  Our souls can connect at many levels with those “matching points” in the souls of our soulmates.  This gives our souls more strength in creating a life for us that is reflective of its inner depth and beauty.  It magnifies our souls, and theirs as well.

Being with our soulmates creates a clearer channel for joy, success, well being, abundance . . . all the dreams of our hearts to materialize.  Those dreams are imprinted in our souls, too, and if our souls can be stronger and happier in expressing in this world it is easier for our souls to manifest them.  It also creates stronger channels for Divine Unconditional Love to be “physicalized” in this world, and that makes it easier for all of us to flourish.

Collectively, we are navigating unprecedented times.  We are all growing, purifying, healing, strengthening, expanding and transformation at a fever’s pitch right now.  This is so we can become more purely reflective of our brilliant and unique souls.  In this way, we fulfill our individual purposes more easily, and we also help to bring our world into its True Path – where we, and all life upon the Earth, become radiantly aligned with Love, Light and Divinity.

We are becoming more aware of soulmates, and feeling the – sometimes nearly unbearable – yearning for true love increasingly strongly, because of two primary reasons.  We are all growing spiritually, and coming more strongly into alignment with our souls, so we are more sensitive to, and cognizant of, that which is imprinted within them.  And secondly, the pull to be with our soulmates is getting stronger, as well, because it is such an integral part of moving into Love and Heart – the future which awaits humanity.

There is no getting around it, in the long run.  The “yearning” is big and getting bigger.  So, we might as well stop fighting it, and welcome in the good!  If we open to it, there are all different sorts of soulmates, romantic and platonic.  Each with an important and precious purpose in our lives.  Even if we have yet to find our true love, opening to the soulmates who may be there, or may come to us when we welcome them more, helps us to grow.  It also helps us to have more strength in drawing to us our beloved.  Yearning is a good thing.  It keeps the fire burning so our beloved can more easily find us.  And in the mean time, we can make “smors” with our other soulmates!

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Love For And From Those Who Have Passed On

Today is a holiday.  One that I had never celebrated that actively, except as a child.  It is Halloween, or as some honor it, The Day Of The Dead.  The darker aspects that have often been attached to Halloween have caused me to shy away from fully embracing the gifts of this time.  My ignorance kept me from growing in this area.

Thank Heaven for one of my dearest, most beautiful friends, Melissa!  Her heritage is partly Mexican American, and she was raised with a broader knowledge about, and a deeper respect for, the sacred purpose underlying this holiday.  I am so grateful to have finally opened my eyes, and though there are many levels of understanding in absorbing the greatness of the essential truths honored in this time, I want to share some of what I have learned thus far about life and death and love that I now realize are celebrated in this time – if we are wise and open enough.

I have had experience myself with death – near death – as a teenager.  (In another post, I will share more about that actual experience.)  In my healing and prayer work, I have also experienced the connection between the Souls of the client I am working with and the loved one who has departed.  The love between them remains constant, and we can open to the beauty of that truth.

Lets look at this  more carefully.  The relationship between a client and their loved one who has passed on has changed in physical terms.  They can no longer share a meal together, chat on the phone or walk side by side.  It is natural to miss this, and to grieve these changes.  It is healthy and important to honor that process for ourselves, to not ignore it, stuff it, minimize it, or project it.  When we have gotten more to the other side of the grieving process, or perhaps interspersed throughout the process, it is also healthy to open up to the higher love between you which continues to exist, and to grow.

Here’s how I work with it.  The key truth that I have learned, during my near-death experience, in my own spiritual practice, and with my work in support of others, is that Love is everywhere and everything! It is omnipresent. It is eternal.  It is our essence, our nature, the breath and blood in our bodies, every organ, every fiber, every cell.  It is all of the natural world. It is all of the spiritual world.  It is all that we are.  If we boiled ourselves down, we would be love.

I also learned that love never dies.  And love, even if not reciprocated, is always a gift:  a blessing for the lover, for the lovee, for the world, and for the Heavenly realms.  Everything in Life is to help us go more and more deeply into our capacities to love and to be loved, allowing us to strengthen and refine those skills. Everything is to help us better experience and express love, so we may become Love.

From a more religious standpoint, you could also say, that everything is God or Mother/Father God or the Great Spirit or Spirit, etc. – whatever term and ideology resonates for you – and God is Love.  Everything that happens in life is to bring us more deeply into understanding of and communion with God or Love.

When a clear enough channel of grace is created through love and heart, we can feel the loving presence of those who have departed, especially if we welcome them.  When we are open to them, the love and blessings they hold for us always can come into us more easily because we are more receptive.

Though souls continue to evolve when they are not longer on the physical plane, most also make part of their soul available to watch over, comfort and support the ones they loved most dearly.  It blesses them in their continued evolution, and it blesses those still alive.  My experience with this has felt very precious, sacred and beautiful.  Facilitating these beatific moments humbles and blesses me, and furthers the growth of my heart.

In a little over 3 and one half years, I have lost two platonic Soulmates of mine, whom I loved more than I can say.  I still feel their presence, love, support, guidance, protection and wisdom lovingly watching over me – especially when I open to them.  I lost my precious Father first, a little over 3 and one half years a go, and this past February, I lost one of my very best friends.  Following this message is first a poem that I wrote in honor of my Father through my grief after he died, and then a sort of tribute/eulogy that I wrote for my friend, Max, and read at his funeral.  It is an honor to share them with you on this day of honoring, and opening to, the love of our ancestors.  It blessed me to write them.  I hope they will bless you, too.

I encourage you – not only today, but every day you can – to embrace and further open your hearts to those in your life whom you are close to and have passed over so the copious flow of their love for you may enter you more deeply and support you more fully.  Their Love and radiant Souls are with you, waiting only for the door to open wider.

Thank you for honoring my loved ones by sharing in this writing with me today.  Blessings and love to all our ancestors.


For Daddy (William T. Perreault)

4/17/31 – 2/25/07

By Michele DeMoulin

This time

Without your voice

In my ears

Without your presence

In my sight

Without the steady, glorious stream

Of your humor

Your advice

Your tenderness

Brings with it a wealth

Of formidable

Yet rich


And with it, too

The growing awareness

That you have merely

Taken on new form

In my heart

And in my consciousness

Protecting, comforting and supporting me still

Illuminating and clearing my way

In life

Your Spirit ran free

In the Graces of the Natural World

And again

It is Nature

Which, as in life

Embodies for me

The radiance

Of your Being

Most strongly

In the rhythmic pulse

Of the sparkling waves

I see your face

in the gentle, summer breeze

I feel your touch

In the deep, warm scent of pine

I smell you

In the sweet and musical rippling

Of the river’s flow

I hear your voice

In the salty ocean mist

I taste you

And in the stalwart force

Of the ancient redwood trees

I come to know your true strength

As we hike together in Heart

Reveling in the beauty and power

of our treasured ocean park

I further grieve

And commune with you

An Eagle circles above my head

Clear in presence and intention

And you are One with it

And it with you

The Joy of your Soul

Boundless and unrestrained

Teaching me

Of your omnipresence

Your Light

And the miracle of your New Life

And once I have learned deeply enough

The lessons so majestically imparted

You soar

In Eagle form

Into the distance

And you lovingly let fly for me

A single feather from your tail

To remind me

That you are with me


Even in your Flight

Max Coon

4/25/37 – 2/9/10

By Michele DeMoulin

I met Max Coon almost 7 years ago. He came into my life like a burst of sunlight, a beacon which, it seemed, only grew in brightness with each breath I took. Though our relationship began professionally, the bond between us was sacred, strong and undeniable from the start. We became fast and enduring friends.

Max entered my life at a time when my dear father was beginning to near the end of his. His emphysema was markedly worsening, and my heart was breaking – over and over – as I watched him suffer slowly.

Max had my back.  He comforted me, held my hand through it, and supported me in more ways than I know, while I did all I could for my father, watched him go, and gradually began recovering from the strain, loss and grief.

Max Coon is, by my definition, a great man.  True greatness is not measured by stature, by wealth or accomplishments, by recognition or influence. Max certainly has accomplished much and influenced many. But true greatness is marked by the depth of one’s Heart, by one’s ability to unconditionally love, and to courageously, fearlessly be a vehicle for Love. Few in this world love as purely or steadfastly as our dear Max.

From the moment I came into his bountiful presence, Max Coon stole my heart, and gave me his a thousand fold. His warmth, his light, his beauty, and his love, are indelibly imprinted in my soul. He has taught me how to better love, and to be more fully true to the path of my own Heart. I am more, in every way, because of him.

His greatness of Heart remains for us, as a model, a resource, a protection, a strength – a light, ennobling our way. I will miss him every day and love him every eternal second.

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Fifty Food For Thought Questions

Love is a complex and miraculous journey!  As a rule, the potential for deep, extraordinary, life-affirming, soul-filled and true love has barely been tapped!!  Hard to imagine.  Let’s all work together to correct that sad, yet human, truth!

Oftentimes, we don’t even realize that we are relating from old or unhealthy patterns that may even be counter-productive.  They may not apply at all to our current situation, or they may work against what is truly our heart’s desire.  Many times, we slip into automatic responses because we feel vulnerable or are triggered by something, or simply because it is what we’ve learned, what is most familiar.

If we cultivate more awareness about our relationship patterns that aren’t working, what we believe about love and life, who we truly are and what we truly want, etc., we have more tools and “ammunition” to keep from slipping automatically into patterns that no longer serve us.  We can make a conscious choice to proceed differently – to relate in a way that is healthier, happier, more constructive, loving, genuine and effective.

Following are some questions to stimulate heart and consciousness.

May Love shower its abundant graces bountifully and eternally upon you.

Fifty Food For Thought Questions

The followings questions are designed to help us understand ourselves and our loved ones better, and to sharpen our focus in creating what we want for ourselves interpersonally.   Work with whatever questions strike a chord for you.  It is not important to answer each question, unless that seems useful for you.  What is important in making the most of this exercise is to allow it to help you go deeper into your heart, and your consciousness.  Let your heart lead you as you do it, and allow your intuition to help you decide which ones call you to answer.

1.  What qualities are most important to you in a romantic partner?

2.  What do you like or love most about your current love?

3.  What do you like or love the most about previous loves that stand out?

4. What things are most challenging for you in relationships?

5. What things come naturally for you in relationships?

6. What do you hunger for in relationships?

7. What secret dreams do you have for love?

8. What areas need improvement for you in relationships?

9. What things feel like they may be in the way for you in creating sacred love for yourself?

10. What needs to change or grow in you to have what you dream of in relationships?

11. What works for you in friendships and/or romantic relationships?

12. What doesn’t work for you in friendships and/or romantic relationships?

13. What does “higher love” mean to you?

14. What does “soulmate” mean to you?

15. Why do you want to create more sacredness in love for yourself?

16. What beliefs do you have about your ability to love?

17. What beliefs to you have about relationships?

18. What frightens you about love?

19. What does trust mean to you in relationships?

20. What does tenderness look or feel like to you?

21. What does passion in love look like for you?

22. What family messages did you get about love and loving?

23. Have you ever had a soulmate, and if so what was/or is most beautiful about that love?

24. Have you ever felt truly met by another, and if so, how did that impact you?

25. What does it mean to you to cherish someone?

26. Has sex ever felt truly sacred to you?  If so, explain why or what it was like.

27. What does intimacy mean to you?

28. What do you want your future life to look like in the area of relationships?

29. What is confusing about love for you?

30. How would you like to be loved?

31. What would you like to share with your soulmate?

32. What would you like to learn from your love?

33. How would your life change if you were with the love of your life?

34. What feeds you in love?

35. What are you willing to let go of, or to release, for the sake of love, and what are you not willing to release?

36. What does surrender mean to you in loving?

37. What role does spirituality play for you in love?

38. Do you feel more connected spiritually, or less, in sex and in your relationships?

39. What does devotion feel like to you?

40. What keeps you from loving as fully as you are capable of loving?

41. Where would you go on your honeymoon with your beloved, and why?

42. What would you like to give your beloved from deep within you?

43. What would you like to receive from your beloved?

44. Is there shame for you around sex, and if so where does that come from?

45. Is it hard for you to be a parent and to also seek or support romantic partnership?

46. How do your children teach you more about sacred or higher love?

47. What does your heart want to say to you about your path in love?

48. What does your soul wish to create for you in love?

49. Do you see a future for yourself that includes romantic partnership, and if so, how can you anchor, strengthen and expand that vision?

50. What is your next concrete step in creating more sacredness in love for yourself?

Michele DeMoulin

Reverend, Reiki Master Teacher

(831) 457-7788

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Tools For Creating Higher Love

If we want to change the relationship patterns and circumstances that have not worked for us in the past, we need to bring more consciousness to both what has happened before in our connections, and also to the deeper callings of our hearts and souls.  We can’t keep thinking the same way, and doing the same things, and expect change.  Here are a few thoughts, ideas, and tools from my “Soul Deep Love Program” that may give you more to work with in creating magical and positive change for yourself.

Wishing you countless blessings in love and in all things.

Excerpt from the “Soul Deep Love Program”

By Michele DeMoulin, Rev., RMT

Exercise Tools

Going Deeper

  1. What scares you most in intimate relationships?
  2. What keeps you from expressing love as deeply as you feel it?
  3. Did your mother love deeply and openly with her partner, and are there any parallels for you?
  4. How about your father?
  5. How does your ego express itself when it wants to assert control?
  6. What patterns do you notice with relationships?
  7. How do you hold yourself back in loving?
  8. What in you aches to be expressed through loving?

Positive Attributes

List AT LEAST 20 positive attributes about yourself, preferably more. It is okay if they are similar, like pretty and beautiful, because each has a different connotation. If you have trouble coming up with it yourself, think about the positive things people say or may say about you. Let it be a “living document” that you keep handy for times you need a boost, and add to as you grow in your sense of Self.

Core Values

The idea is to tune in to your deeper understanding – shake off your more superficial beliefs, or judgments you’ve absorbed from other, and tap into what you know to be true in your Heart.  Having a healthier, purer and deeper understanding of these fundamental pieces in your life, and what is true about them for you, will give you a must stronger foundation for creating your life in a truer and more resonant way.   It gives your soul more “ammunition” in keeping your life aligned with your higher, healthier sense of self.  You can also refer back to these to recenter yourself, or give yourself a “Truth boost.”

  1. What do you truly believe about God or Higher Intelligence?
  2. What do you believe about Love?
  3. What do you believe about loving partnerships?
  4. What do you believe about family?
  5. What do you believe about children?
  6. What do you believe about friendships?
  7. What do you believe about yourself?
  8. What do you believe about specific primary relationships you have currently?
  9. What do you believe about honesty and integrity?
  10. What do you believe about Life?
  11. What do you believe about Path or Purpose?
  12. What do you believe about abundance and money?
  13. What do you believe about the goodness of Life or lack of it?
  14. What do you believe about joy?
  15. What do you believe about your work?


List your “criteria” for the loving partnership(s) that you want. Start with your “top ten” and go from there. Have fun, let your Heart lead you, don’t hold back.


Think about what you envision and desire for yourself from the deepest parts of you. Picture it. Let it grow and unfold in your mind. Dream big if it feels right! Don’t limit yourself. Feel it. Breath it in. Let the “movie” play freely and joyfully. When you are ready, right down your insights and visions. Let it also be a living document that you refer to, and add to as you grow in your Self.

Vision Board

Once you have a sense of what your dream or vision looks and feels like, make a collage or painting that reflects these images and feelings. Write words, poems or phrases on it, too, if you wish. Again, let your Heart lead you, don’t hold back, and have a great time with it. Put it up somewhere as a physical manifestation and reminder of your dream. This helps it come more solidly into physical form, and helps your Heart to feel clear, strong and motivated in creating it.

Love Letters

From this place of “vision” and expanded “Heart,” write a love letter to your Beloved. His or her imprint is already within your precious and powerful Soul. Let you Soul express the bond between you through your Heart. Let the love flow freely and bountifully. Let yourself get to know them better through this exercise. Say anything and everything you want to say.

Now, from this same deep connection with the Love between you, and also from your own deep sense of personal dream and desire, let your Beloved write you a gorgeous and unrestrained love letter. Just the way you dream of in your heart of hearts.

Connecting Spiritually

Connecting in an active and regular way with this deep love already present within you Soul (and the Soul of your Beloved, too) is a powerful way to further strengthen your Hearts in preparation to come together physically (if you have yet to meet) or in this deeper way if you are already in relationship. It is also a powerful way to strengthen the magnetic pull between you, so the pathway to expressing this great love is clearer and freer of obstruction. You can do this through journalling, walking or talking spiritually with them, being in nature “with them,” meditating on the connection, welcoming them to be with you spiritually during the night or speak to you through your dreams.

Remember that the Holy Ones long to help us grow ever deeper into Love – in all ways – so call upon them to help you strengthen in this, too.

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