Prayer – Our Secret Weapon

It is late Monday evening as I sit before my computer screen to share with you more of what I’ve learned about Love and Heart. My own heart seems to learn more each moment, of late, and the sometimes scathing beauty of this Truth awakens within me an even deeper reverence for the unmatched and limitless power of Love.

After several days of thick dark clouds and chilly wet weather, we were blessed with an unexpectedly sunny and warm fall afternoon – just in time for my scheduled restorative time.  I hightailed it down to my favorite marine park so I could hike to my most sacred spot, recharge my highly over-rought batteries, and align myself more fully with my Heart, Soul and Path through Prayer.

This “magically delicious” outing is a regular gift I give to myself whenever circumstances permit.  It offers me essential fortification of Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.  Each treasured moment I spend in this ritualized celebration of Life, Divinity, and Truth is a blessing beyond measure for me.  Each time unique and indefinably rich, teaching me something irreplaceable.  It is my most special oasis within which to pray.

Today, I come home from my lovely journey awash with gratitude and with a deeper understanding of my personal strength, and of the fact that the great force of Love within me is – even through my fatigue or tears or mistakes – dauntlessly clearing away what no longer serves me.  It is creating new pathways for it to live more freely and deeply in my life.

I have found prayer to be my most powerful tool for deepening and strengthening my Heart and creating more opportunities to truly love and be loved.  Through the openness created in my being in order to pray, my Heart is blessed in a number of ways.  It is freer to be itself, to learn about its beauty and exercise it’s “muscles.”  It receives the Grace of Divinity more deeply, and thus, it allows me to be healed or strengthened or empowered or protected or educated, etc., in response to my prayer and my willingness.  It helps me have more strength in sloughing off what isn’t working, and seeing more clearly what is true for me.

In order to create deeper sacredness in Love (and Life) for ourselves, we need to have a healthy and strong relationship with our own Hearts.  That is where it begins.  There is no getting around it!  If our Hearts are open and loving, we can express our love more freely and others are freer to express love to us.  A strong and open heart also allows our beautiful, powerful Souls to more freely create the lives of our dreams, and draw to us the Love and Beauty that will most strongly nourish it.

Prayer is our “Secret Weapon” in combatting the doldrums of an unfulfilling life and love life!  It opens us to the greater, fantastic possibilities of who we truly are, and of the fabulous life we are capable of creating if we set our gorgeous and passionate Hearts free!!

Following is a channeled prayer that I received to help feed and strengthen the Heart:

Prayer To Feed The Heart

Channeled By Michele DeMoulin

We welcome You, Beloved Heavenly Father, Beloved Earthly Mother, Beloved Jesus Christ, Beloved Mother Mary, Beloved Archangel Michael, and all Angels and Holy Ones who walk with us, of pure intent only, we welcome You. Most Beloved Ones, we call upon You, and welcome You with our softest hearts. We ask that You please be with us, hold us close, and bless us in this time of sacred healing, heart and growth upon the Earth, that You may be with us in all times.

Hear our sincere and soul-felt desire to grow in the fullness of our Hearts, to deepen and strengthen in our relationships with them, and to bring their Love, their Light, their Grace, their Beauty, their Radiance, their Joy, and their Power more completely and perfectly into form.

May the Love and countless gifts within our Hearts shine ever more brightly in Your Name with each breath we take. May the Love of our precious Hearts grow stronger each moment, and may its expression unto all whom we love expand gently, yet courageously, in dimension, depth and radiance. May it lovingly feed the vitality and rare beauty of their own precious Hearts.

We ask that You be strongly with us in our most treasured relationships, and that You continually nourish and strengthen the depth and sacredness of love between us, that it’s truest and highest expression may be made manifest in your Blessed Name.

May the Love of our precious Hearts flow freely and greatly from us, in all times and in all ways, as an expression of our ever-deepening devotion to You, Most Beloved Ones, to those we hold most dear, and to all creatures, peoples, locations and environments upon this our Beloved Earth. May it always be of highest blessing and service in Your Holy Name. We thank You, Blessed and Beloved Ones, for hearing our prayers and carrying them for us.

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