Staying Present In Love

Blessings of love and joy to you!

Please forgive the length of time since my last post.  Easter is truly a magical and powerful period for me, as I’ve mentioned, and I needed time to absorb and integrate its many gifts.  I hope that this message finds you well, and integrating the magic of this time joyfully!

I want to begin with this blog to again work more specifically on nurturing our capacities for greater sacredness and fulfillment in loving.  We often get in our own ways in this respect by responding more strongly to the promptings of our egos and busy minds rather than we do to our hearts.  If we want to have more opportunities to express our loving, we need to keep developing and giving voice to the Heart, and that is an ever-evolving, multi-faceted process.

True love, and our capacities for love in general, are imprinted within our souls.  As we’ve discussed, if our relationships with our hearts are strong, our souls have a clearer, more vital pathway to create and express this powerful love.

The soulmates that are part of our soul family come to us  as we strengthen in our hearts and open to express the true beauty of our souls.  Their souls vibrate with a similar resonance to ours, and so the magnetic pull between soulmates draws us to one another.  We are each fed by sharing that resonance with one another.

One of the strongest ways we can support the growth of our hearts (not surprisingly) is by loving, whether it is with a soulmated lover, or with friends or family.  Loving teaches us to be more wholly and truthfully who we are.  Love comes to us in all shapes and forms, and it is up to us to open to it and nurture it.

One of our most human frailties is to be insensitive to the gifts of love that are present in our lives every day.  We often stay so singularly focused on ourselves, on our needs, on our busy activities and monkey-minds, and that confines, or separates us from, the communications of our hearts.

We’ve learned to (usually unnecessarily) protect ourselves – to be guarded, closed off, self-indulgent.  We’ve learned to pay more attention to our wounded senses of self – to our fears and past pain – than to the beauty of love present in life every moment.

It is a pervasive, and very human trait, yes, but which does not serve us.  In fact, it only harms us in the long run because it blocks the flow of our souls beauty, of that which will bring us joy and wellbeing.  Because we don’t known better, we believe that we desparately need it.  We often hold on to it so tightly that we don’t even experience the beautiful opportunities to love and to grow in love that are slipping away.

Staying “present” in life and love gives our hearts voice, and let’s our soul’s better do their magical thing!  Still, being “present” is a muscle that needs to be developed, too, because of the force of the above mentioned “human frailty.”

We can exercise our capacities for remaining fully present by seeking beauty and noting the opportunities for experiencing love and joy in our daily lives.  We develop presence with consciousness and commitment.

I have found through my work in support of soulmated love that one of the things that gets in our way the most rush to control things with our minds.  We test people, we look for faults, we assume it must look a certain way, we ignore it when it comes.  If it is meant to be a friendship, rather than a lover relationship, we don’t value it.

There is beauty, love and purpose in all aspects of life!!  Sometimes, if we simply shift our perspective slightly (away from being irritated or picking at ourselves, etc.), we can more easily see it.   When we calm our busy-minds and tune in, through staying present, we not only grow in our hearts so we can create more joy for ourselves, but we are freer to reap the rewards of life’s many exquisite and magical gifts!!  Like the songwriters say, love truly is “all around.”  We just have to learn how to pay attention to it, value its many shapes and colors and embrace it

As we navigate through the day today, let’s try to count how many opportunities we have for experiencing and expressing love and beauty!!


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Wishing you Love, Magic and Grace,
Reverend Michele DeMoulin
Interfaith Minister, Reiki Master Teacher
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