The Heart Of Healing – Sending Love To Japan

I send out my heart to all of us, and most especially to those who are most directly impacted, as we collectively grieve and heal and grow in the wake of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan.  May we all hold our Japanese brothers and sisters, creatures, plants and environments lovingly within our hearts and cradled in the Light, Love and Grace of Divine Presence.

We are all within a period of profound purification and transformation as this traumatic experience continues to reveal itself, and bruise.  We are all being held to a higher standard, and through this shocking sorrow and vast destruction, we have the potential, as a people, to grow beyond, and as a result of, this trauma; to boldly rise to the occasion and unite as a global community more fully and with greater consciousness.

THE POWER OF LOVE IS THE GREATEST OF ALL POWERS.  It is the force from which we draw sustenance.  Our very breath and life itself is Love. In this time of suffering and grace and healing and beauty, let us grow in our awareness of the greatness of Love within and around us!  And, too, let us grow in our awareness of the greatness of our own hearts and their capacities for love!!

Whether we are professional practitioners of the healing arts or not, our hearts, and the greatness of love that are their defining characteristic, have a vast, and yet fully untapped, ability to foster healing.  We are all healers and creators through love.

We create channels for healing and Divine support by placing our attention to our hearts, and the love that we hold for others, and the love that we hold for the Divine Presence if that is part of our personal ideologies – or for the Universe itself, if it is not – and we extend our love and hearts out to hold those suffering in comfort, love and light.  We can also wish to envision joining our hearts with the countless others who hold the world in Love.

We may do so verbally, through prayer, or clarifying intention, or we may do it simply through feeling and embracing this higher vision for love and wellbeing.  Having passion for it, aligning with the depth of what we feel in this, is the key, and gives our vision more power.

Using love and heart with consciousness in these ways, is a powerful and profound gift for each of us, as well.  It strengthens our heart muscles, deepens our capacities for love and provides our our souls with a clearer, stronger foundation through which they may create our lives with more love, meaning and joy.

Let us open and join our hearts in love, that we may support our brothers and sisters in Japan, and drink more deeply of the chalice and heart of global community!


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