Tools For Creating Higher Love

If we want to change the relationship patterns and circumstances that have not worked for us in the past, we need to bring more consciousness to both what has happened before in our connections, and also to the deeper callings of our hearts and souls.  We can’t keep thinking the same way, and doing the same things, and expect change.  Here are a few thoughts, ideas, and tools from my “Soul Deep Love Program” that may give you more to work with in creating magical and positive change for yourself.

Wishing you countless blessings in love and in all things.

Excerpt from the “Soul Deep Love Program”

By Michele DeMoulin, Rev., RMT

Exercise Tools

Going Deeper

  1. What scares you most in intimate relationships?
  2. What keeps you from expressing love as deeply as you feel it?
  3. Did your mother love deeply and openly with her partner, and are there any parallels for you?
  4. How about your father?
  5. How does your ego express itself when it wants to assert control?
  6. What patterns do you notice with relationships?
  7. How do you hold yourself back in loving?
  8. What in you aches to be expressed through loving?

Positive Attributes

List AT LEAST 20 positive attributes about yourself, preferably more. It is okay if they are similar, like pretty and beautiful, because each has a different connotation. If you have trouble coming up with it yourself, think about the positive things people say or may say about you. Let it be a “living document” that you keep handy for times you need a boost, and add to as you grow in your sense of Self.

Core Values

The idea is to tune in to your deeper understanding – shake off your more superficial beliefs, or judgments you’ve absorbed from other, and tap into what you know to be true in your Heart.  Having a healthier, purer and deeper understanding of these fundamental pieces in your life, and what is true about them for you, will give you a must stronger foundation for creating your life in a truer and more resonant way.   It gives your soul more “ammunition” in keeping your life aligned with your higher, healthier sense of self.  You can also refer back to these to recenter yourself, or give yourself a “Truth boost.”

  1. What do you truly believe about God or Higher Intelligence?
  2. What do you believe about Love?
  3. What do you believe about loving partnerships?
  4. What do you believe about family?
  5. What do you believe about children?
  6. What do you believe about friendships?
  7. What do you believe about yourself?
  8. What do you believe about specific primary relationships you have currently?
  9. What do you believe about honesty and integrity?
  10. What do you believe about Life?
  11. What do you believe about Path or Purpose?
  12. What do you believe about abundance and money?
  13. What do you believe about the goodness of Life or lack of it?
  14. What do you believe about joy?
  15. What do you believe about your work?


List your “criteria” for the loving partnership(s) that you want. Start with your “top ten” and go from there. Have fun, let your Heart lead you, don’t hold back.


Think about what you envision and desire for yourself from the deepest parts of you. Picture it. Let it grow and unfold in your mind. Dream big if it feels right! Don’t limit yourself. Feel it. Breath it in. Let the “movie” play freely and joyfully. When you are ready, right down your insights and visions. Let it also be a living document that you refer to, and add to as you grow in your Self.

Vision Board

Once you have a sense of what your dream or vision looks and feels like, make a collage or painting that reflects these images and feelings. Write words, poems or phrases on it, too, if you wish. Again, let your Heart lead you, don’t hold back, and have a great time with it. Put it up somewhere as a physical manifestation and reminder of your dream. This helps it come more solidly into physical form, and helps your Heart to feel clear, strong and motivated in creating it.

Love Letters

From this place of “vision” and expanded “Heart,” write a love letter to your Beloved. His or her imprint is already within your precious and powerful Soul. Let you Soul express the bond between you through your Heart. Let the love flow freely and bountifully. Let yourself get to know them better through this exercise. Say anything and everything you want to say.

Now, from this same deep connection with the Love between you, and also from your own deep sense of personal dream and desire, let your Beloved write you a gorgeous and unrestrained love letter. Just the way you dream of in your heart of hearts.

Connecting Spiritually

Connecting in an active and regular way with this deep love already present within you Soul (and the Soul of your Beloved, too) is a powerful way to further strengthen your Hearts in preparation to come together physically (if you have yet to meet) or in this deeper way if you are already in relationship. It is also a powerful way to strengthen the magnetic pull between you, so the pathway to expressing this great love is clearer and freer of obstruction. You can do this through journalling, walking or talking spiritually with them, being in nature “with them,” meditating on the connection, welcoming them to be with you spiritually during the night or speak to you through your dreams.

Remember that the Holy Ones long to help us grow ever deeper into Love – in all ways – so call upon them to help you strengthen in this, too.

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