Working With The “Magic”

Here we are, in this sometimes crazy-busy Holiday Season — juggling family responsibilities, seasonal tasks, year-end duties, finals, work, travel, friends, events, shopping, cooking, gift giving, health, etc.  At times, we may feel compressed, irritable, exhausted and overwhelmed by the seemingly relentless demands!!

It helps me, when feeling like this, to look at the bigger picture, to broaden my perspective, and open to a new way of being with it all. I hope it will help you, too.

As I addressed a bit in my Thanksgiving gratitude post, there is an increase, and heightened influx, of Light and Love, which begins mid-November, and is showered upon us – more and more intensively – as we move toward “The Coming Of The Light,” which is represented by Christmas, the Winter Solstice and the New Year. It lasts through mid-January, though it peaks from Solstice to the New Year.

This is a blessed gift from the Divine Presence – a sort of Christmas gift for all of us, if you will!! It is given to us at this time to help us evolve into Love and Joy more quickly and easily.

Though the intensity that is created by all the activities and demands of the Holiday Season may make us feel less spiritually connected or joyful if we focus on the difficulty of it, the gift of the intensity is that it can also create in us a sharper, clearer, more-refined pathway for Grace to help us transform.

Why?  Because it forces us out of our safer, more familiar, and usually very limiting, psychological rut (that unwittingly shapes our lives) through pushing us forward. We simply don’t have time to wallow in our personal mire as much, and this is a great thing!  When we get out of our own ways, Grace can enter, and the Truth of Life becomes more real, and vital, for us! We have the  opportunity to transform, and to thus transform our lives!!

We can make the most of this “Divine Christmas Gift” by embracing the Grace showered unto us. We can still move quickly, and complete our myriad responsibilities, while we also open our hearts (and souls and minds and bodies) to the influx of Love and Light. There is “Magic” in the air, and we can create positive change for ourselves and our loved ones by welcoming it into our lives.

We welcome it first, through awareness (recognizing that it is there for us); second through willingness (opening to its presence and being willing to grow); and third, through responsiveness (learning what it is teaching us, changing when necessary, feeling the beauty of it, and joyfully receiving the good that comes).

Whatever it is we are wanting for ourselves, and for those whom we love, as we go forward into this new year, we have a clearer pathway for creating through actively working with this outpouring of Grace!! We are being given a wealth of Divine support over this time to help us create it! How fabulous is that!!  It is sort of like having a legion of Angels at your disposal to help you “get the job done!!”

What do you want to transform — in yourself, in your life, in your work, in your finances, for your family? What do you want to create?  What do you hunger for?  How would you like your life to be different in this coming year? Take a few moments to get clear on this, and hold it in your heart, mind and vision as best you can as you navigate through the busyness. Make your “wishes,” and let the Holy Ones work Their Magic for you.  You just have to give your permission, be clear about what you want and get on board with openness and intention!

Those of you who are drawn to read this blog, and I, myself, in writing it, believe in the Greatness of Love! Part of what WE hunger for is to continue growing in Love, and increasing the depth, regularity and sacredness of Love in our lives.

What a great intention to have for this holy time!!  What a powerful gift it is — for ourselves, for those whom we love and for the world — to unabashedly and whole-heartedly embrace our Loving!

I say let’s open to the miracle of this season, boldly and happily accept this beautiful Truth about ourselves, and courageously allow Grace to reshape shape our lives in resonance with it!  Imagine how your new year will look with more and greater Love in it!

I’m going for it!  Hope you are, too!!

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