“Soulmate” . . . The word may seem ubiquitous to some, nowadays.  In movies, in books, on TV, in daily conversation, etc., we find this, once considered almost shameful, superficial or taboo, term popping up.  Though you won’t find it in older dictionaries, it is in our current volumes, identifying a soulmate as “a person with whom one has a strong affinity.”  I agree with that assessment, and practically, it is a good, basic definition.  Yet, it is a dry, limp and lackluster description that barely grazes its true beauty.

Though many still toss the word around more casually or superficially than it deserves in a higher sense, I feel excited, heartened, and encouraged by the fact that we are becoming more cognizant of the presence and value of soulmates!  The fact that it is bleeding into daily life more substantially, means that it reflects the awakening of consciousness and the growth of our collective hearts.  It indicates that we are becoming more sensitive and responsive to the deeper aspects of our beings.

The soulmates that we are to love and learn from throughout our lives are imprinted in our Souls.  A sense of them is within us already.  In a higher sense, we already love them.  Almost all of us yearn to be with a true love, to have a deeply fulfilling connection with another, and often to have close kinship with true friends, too.  We hunger to express the love, power, joy and beauty in our souls; to become more completely who we are deep down.  Soulmates come to us to help our souls grow and become everything they are meant to be more quickly and easily.

Our soulmates have similar vibrational characteristics in their souls to ours.  Though, externally, that may be hard to see.  There may be marked differences.  But at a deeper level, there is resonance.  That is part of the strong attraction, and the unequaled power and gift of it.

Because our souls yearn to be a complete and perfect expression of themselves, to fulfill their purposes, and to joyfully embody the Love and Divinity breathing life into them, we are drawn to those who have similar vibrational characteristics.  When we are with a soulmate, it is somewhat like seeing a mirror of our own soul, at least, again, in a deeper way.  Our souls can connect at many levels with those “matching points” in the souls of our soulmates.  This gives our souls more strength in creating a life for us that is reflective of its inner depth and beauty.  It magnifies our souls, and theirs as well.

Being with our soulmates creates a clearer channel for joy, success, well being, abundance . . . all the dreams of our hearts to materialize.  Those dreams are imprinted in our souls, too, and if our souls can be stronger and happier in expressing in this world it is easier for our souls to manifest them.  It also creates stronger channels for Divine Unconditional Love to be “physicalized” in this world, and that makes it easier for all of us to flourish.

Collectively, we are navigating unprecedented times.  We are all growing, purifying, healing, strengthening, expanding and transformation at a fever’s pitch right now.  This is so we can become more purely reflective of our brilliant and unique souls.  In this way, we fulfill our individual purposes more easily, and we also help to bring our world into its True Path – where we, and all life upon the Earth, become radiantly aligned with Love, Light and Divinity.

We are becoming more aware of soulmates, and feeling the – sometimes nearly unbearable – yearning for true love increasingly strongly, because of two primary reasons.  We are all growing spiritually, and coming more strongly into alignment with our souls, so we are more sensitive to, and cognizant of, that which is imprinted within them.  And secondly, the pull to be with our soulmates is getting stronger, as well, because it is such an integral part of moving into Love and Heart – the future which awaits humanity.

There is no getting around it, in the long run.  The “yearning” is big and getting bigger.  So, we might as well stop fighting it, and welcome in the good!  If we open to it, there are all different sorts of soulmates, romantic and platonic.  Each with an important and precious purpose in our lives.  Even if we have yet to find our true love, opening to the soulmates who may be there, or may come to us when we welcome them more, helps us to grow.  It also helps us to have more strength in drawing to us our beloved.  Yearning is a good thing.  It keeps the fire burning so our beloved can more easily find us.  And in the mean time, we can make “smors” with our other soulmates!

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